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Stalked: Fast and Furious poster, Owen in drug film, G-Force pictures, Winslet defends Reader

Fast and the Furious starring all the familiar faces from the series has a poster, and it's looking rather cool...

Pictures have appeared online for G-Force, a film which will should not be confused with Gatchaman...

Clive Owen is joining a drug cartel film called Cartagena...

Meanwhile Kate Winslet has been defending The Reader against claims of statutory rape...

MTV have the exclusive copy of the Fast and the Furious poster. It looks good, but what else can you say about a poster?

The pictures for G-Force have arrived online, and for a moment I was wondering what was happening to the cartoon series I knew as Battle of the Planets and, of course, G-Force. Jerry Bruckheimer making a 3-D film of hamsters trying to save the world. Luckily it's not the same film...is it?! MovieWeb have the photos. Of course it isn't, that's Gatchaman!

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Clive Owen is joining the film Cartagena. The film tells the story of an agent undercover within the Columbian drug cartels who seems to be wanted by both sides, the dealers and agents and will be filmed in Columbia.

Kate Winslet has been defending the film The Reader after an interviewer brought up the possibility that ni this day and age under American law her character would be guilty of statutory rape - something that is totally irrelavant since the film isn't set in modern day nor is it in America.

However Digital Spy tell us that Coming Soon, again without any referencing link, interviewed Winslet and said that her character is basically guilty of statutory rape of the young boy whom she enters into a relationship with. She took offence to this and said:

"I'm so sorry, 'statutory rape'? I've got to tell you, I'm so offended by that. No, I really am. I genuinely am. To me, that is absolutely not this story at all. That boy knows exactly what he's doing. For a start, Hanna Schmitz thinks that he's 17, not 15, you know? She's not doing anything wrong. They enter that relationship on absolutely equal footing.

Statutory rape - really please, don't use that phrase. I do genuinely find it offensive, actually. This is a beautiful and very genuine love story and that is always how I saw it. I was very moved by how much these two people came to mean to each other.

You know, this is a boy's first experience of intimacy in that way, and love in that way, and understanding of what love is and can mean, and how deeply it affects the rest of his life because he loved that women. She wasn't cruel to him. She didn't force him into anything at all. There's nothing I believe to be remotely inappropriate or salacious about that relationship."

Wow, that's pretty strong stuff, she's really defending the film and quite right I think. After all it's set in a time and place that has no bearing to this law and it's fiction, and that's not even looking at the technicalities of the situation or...oh come on, it's fiction!



Hmm... I would like to see The Reader, but not with my 17 year old daughter or my 12 year old son. If my son started a relationship when he was 15, with an older woman, it would really tick me off. I guess Winslet is viewing it in a very European way. If her son was closer to 15 I bet she would think differently.


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