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Stalked: Maggie Q Fighter, Green Lantern rumour, Denis Leary reviews his films, The Family Hitchcock

The Family Hitchcock is a new film that sees a family put in danger during an overseas house swap...

Maggie Q is in King of Fighters...

Denis Leary is reviewing his own films in few words...

Green Lantern may be next...

The Family Hitchcock sounds an interesting premise and focuses on the “going overseas will see you kidnapped and killed” fear as it tells the story of a family who perform a house swap with another family in Europe – now that's an interesting premise, and something I've thought would be a bit of a horror. Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett had the pitch and will write, produce and direct the film. They previously wrote Journey to the Center of the Earth and wrote and directed Nim's Island. Is this going to be horror or more fun thriller? We're not really sure at the moment neither is the story from Variety.

Maggie Q is set to join the film King of Fighters, an English language live action adaptation of the videogame that is more known in Asia than in the west. According to Variety Gordon Chan will direct with Sean Faris, Ray Park, Will Yun Lee and David Leitch already signed up.

This is an excellent piece to camera which sees Denis Leary talk about some of the awful films he's appeared in and also about the stars he's appeared alongside, dishing some surprising dirt on the likes of Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone and Emilio Estevez. Through /Film comes the following video.

Finally there's a rumour that Warner Bros. will be looking to The Green Lantern as their next superhero film. Alan Horn, the President of the company, told Collider through /Film that they want Christopher Nolan back for the next Batman and are waiting for him to find a story, that they are looking to bring another Superman back in a couple of years, but the real kicker is that he says The Green Lantern is probably next:

“On the runway. Hasn’t taken off yet, but we’re close.”



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