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Stalked: New comic films and Sex and the City with werewolves

There are two rather interesting announcements for new scripts today, one is about a group of companies teaming up to develop five films from Arcana comic titles, some of which sound rather intriguing.

The other is the announcement of a rather strange sounding horror film that could be described as Sex and the City with werewolves. Really.

Bitches is a film that is being called a drama/comedy akin to Sex and the City by Bloody Disgusting who reveal that it's to be about a group of five female friends in New York who are werewolves. Michael Doughertyis writing the script, he's previously written X2, Superman Returns, Trick 'r Treat, and has Charlie Chan and I, Lucifer written.

Then there's the news that Arcana is teaming up with a number of other companies to produce films from five of its comics, including Paradox, Chopper, Sundown.

Paradox is the one that really caught my eye, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it's the story of a world where Earth is entirely dominated by magic, and in it a homicide detective starts investigating a series of murders which are caused by something the world has never witnessed before, a thing called science. Now that does sound very intriguing, and one hell of a challenge for the television writers Christos Gage and Ruth Fletcher Gage.

Sundown is a western vampire thriller, and even with those three words it sounds interesting, just because we haven't seen those genres together before, or at least I haven't.



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