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Stalked: RoboCop falters, Cruise to fly again, Jack Ryan returns

RoboCop.jpgYou could be forgiven after reading that title that we're talking about three remakes here, RoboCop, Top Gun and a new Jack Ryan film - okay the last isn't a remake, it's a sequel of sorts, but still, they're all returning to old pastures. Anyway it's not.

Christopher McQuarrie is writing a World War II fighter pilot film for United Artists that has a chance of becoming a Tom Cruise starring film...

The new Jack Ryan film has gained a writer...

Darren Aronofsky has suggested RoboCop may not happen...

Christopher McQuarrie is writing a World War II fighter pilot film for United Artists called Flying Tigers. It tells the story of a volunteer fighter squadron which was created to help the Chinese fight the Japanese before America entered World War II - yes younger audience members in America, despite what cinema tells you, the war was ongoing for some time before America entered it.

The Variety article that reveals the news goes on to say that Tom Cruise isn't attached, but since he's United Artists and he's been attached to films about flying in the recent past and not seen them make it to the screen, he's keen to return. I'm not so sure that's such a big priority for a star like him though.

The new Jack Ryan film, which is completely studio led and has no Tom Clancy involvement, has a screenwriter in the form of Hossein Amini. Although there aren't many stand out films from his previous six writing credits, he has written the script for The Subtle Knife, the second in the His Dark Materials series.

Although Sam Raimi was attached to direct at one point, he's just too busy now so the project is on the look out for a director, and judging from previous history and the studio desire to make this big, it'll be a big name director. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Darren Aronofsky has been talking about his RoboCop remake, and he's not sounding very positive about it all. It does sound that he's going to write the script and leave the rest to the studio, if he gets that far. However you'll remember that the studio are going to be throwing a big budget at this film and are keen for the remake to work, something I think could really happen.

I was always surprised that Aronofsky was the choice for the film, I didn't see him being happy in a blockbuster like this, and his comments might confirm that. Speaking on the Howard Stern Show about The Wrestler, he was asked about RoboCop, and his response through Jo Blo and Cinema Blend isn't that exciting.

He said that he was still working on the script, but then after that he just wasn't sure if he was still going to see it happen, he then tailed off saying "we'll see". From that it sounds as though, for some reason, he's just not as excited about the project for whatever reason. Perhaps he is just going to write the script and move on?



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