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Stalked: Star Trek, Ben Stiller, Atlantis Rising

The new Star Trek will have a familiar voice.

Ben Stiller is replacing Mark Ruffalo.

And Atlantis Rising could soon have a writer.

J.J. Abrams Star Trek will have another previous cast member in it, apart from Leonard Nimoy. The computer voice of nearly every Star Trek series, will be back for the latest film. Majel Barret, wife of the late Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry, has been asked by Abrams to voice the computer once again. Little did I know she has also made appearances in Star Trek, and Star Trek Next Generations. Although Richard seems to think the fact I knew her name, makes me enough of a geek! The news is from Cinema Blend.

Ben Stiller is to replace Mark Ruffalo in Greenburg. After a recent family bereavement, Ruffalo has left the film. Amy Adams was due to co-star but has also left, no word on her replacement yet. From what we can tell, the film is a relationship drama. The news is from Jo Blo.

Len Wiseman's adaptation of Atlantis Rising is close to having a writer. Joby Harold is close to agreeing to adapt the five part series, which has Earth at war with an underground civilization. The news is from Coming Soon.



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