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Stalked: The Robe and Event Horizon on Blu-ray

TheRobe.jpgTwo Blu-ray releases sparked my eye the other day, one is the classic The Robe starring Richard Burton and Jean Simmons, while the other is a rather underrated Event Horizon.

Both are personal favourites of mine, and The Robe is a classic that seems to be getting a serious transfer, while the Event Horizon disc sounds a little disappointing.

The Robe is an all time classic favourite of mine featuring the superb Richard Burton playing alongside Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, Michael Rennie, and other great names of the time.

Filmed in 1953 it's the story of a Roman soldier who is in charge of the group that is assigned to crucify Jesus. Afterwards he wins the robe Jesus died in and begins to have nightmares and self-doubt, and so to end the torment he heads to Palestine to try and discover who the man was that he killed.

It's a superb film that really typifies the films of that time for me, and captures a moment of cinematic history, particularly in my eyes. I love these Sunday afternoon epics.

Now High Def Digest tell us that the film is coming to Blu-ray and will have a 1080p 2.20:1 transfer with DTS-HD audio. Hopefully that means that transfer is going to be properly done, I can hardly see them transferring the DVD version to those kind of specifications.

The other news comes from an interview with Paul W.S. Anderson who reveals over at JoBlo that Event Horizon, undoubtedly the best film he's made to date next to Soldier, is getting a Blu-ray release but that it won't be anything new over the DVD.

“It’ll be the same version as the special edition, two disc set that came out a few months ago. I mean, there is no specific kind of directors cut of that movie just because, you know, the stuff that had to be taken out so we could get the R-rating and not an NC-17...

...they just weren’t as good at storing stuff as they are now. There was no real market where you could use that stuff back then. Now, of course there are deleted scenes, extended versions, they save every kind of little post-it note lying on the cutting room floor. But back then, there was no imperative to do that. So unfortunately a lot of that would have been great footage to be incorporated into the movie, but it doesn’t exist anymore.”

That's a real shame, and unfortunately we don't hear if we're going to be treated to a proper transfer to high definition Blu-ray or if it's just going to be a lift and shift from the DVD version which we're seeing so much of these days.



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