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Stalker's Top Ten 2008: Aaden Black

10FSReel.jpgAaden is a work colleague who shares a passion for a number of things, drinking and cinema being two of them and work not being any of them! However it's the passion for cinema that brings him here thankfully, otherwise this list would be his top ten cocktails, and believe me that's not a nice list.

Instead he's giving us two lists, the first is his top ten films of 2008, the other are the bottom ten which is to follow. Remember if you want to submit a Stalker's list it's easy, just read through to the end of the article and you'll see how.

In the meantime, here's Aaden, who you can catch on Facebook, with his top ten films of 2008, have a read and feel free to comment and point out where he's utterly wrong! Over to you Aaden.

1. The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) - Very Good
Probably managed to live up to my expectations about 90%, which is pretty good for something with so much hype. Good story, lots of action to keep the attention, excellent characters. Not hugely fond of Christian Bale though, a bit too "poncy" as Bruce Wayne, and the voice during batman mode was infuriating.

2. RocknRolla (Filmstalker review) - Very Good
Kept me entertained throughout but then I am a bit laddish in my tastes. Admittedly not too dissimilar to Snatch, but if it ain't broken don't fix it.

3. Wanted (Filmstalker review) - Very Good
Surprised me with how much I enjoyed it, probably mainly because of James McAvoy but some of the camera work and action scenes were pretty decent as well. Oh and the rear view of Angelina Jolie hopping out the bath tub will never fail to win my votes (I still haven't noticed if Gia has a storyline).

4. Juno - Good
A bit chick flicky but I found it quite funny and really liked all the characters Reminded me a little of Napoleon Dynamite at points which is always a good thing. The guy from Superbad makes an awesome geek as well.

5. 21 - Good
For a film that didn't have a lot of action in it I thought it actually kept the attention pretty well and built some good suspense at times. Maybe also helped by me being a casino dweller myself.

6. Horton Hears a Who! - Good
When not being laddish in my film tastes I tend to be childish. Thought this was one of the better CGIs I've seen since the Incredibles. I preferred Cat in the Hat but then its easier to get into characters when they aren't CGI, I actually loved Cat in the Hat and watched it about 25 times.

7. Donkey Punch (Filmstalker review) - Good
Pretty good for a low budget effort, plenty action, plenty thrills. And it was erm educational lol.

8. Max Payne - Good
I didn't like the game but enjoyed the film much more. Benchmarked it against Quantum of Solace seeing as I'd seen that the month before and in comparison it had sub-plots, character revelations and twists with a proper ending.

9. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - OK
Jonny Depp played the part perfectly, as did Helena Bonham Carter, they're both at their best playing darker carachters. It was just a little bit heavy on the musical side for my liking as the songs started getting a bit tedious, could have mixed it up a bit more.

10. Drillbit Taylor - OK
I just had to swap this with Iron Man as I felt too bad about putting it on my bottom 10. It was fairly simple but it made me laugh. Seeing kids getting kicked in the nads is always funny.

Interesting list from Aaden there, although it does start off strong and shows that he's not just hitting the popular vote, however I would think that Sweeney Todd and Horton might raise a few eyebrows, or perhaps fingers to keyboards. What do you think?

After you've commented, fancy writing a list of your own for 2008? It can be about anything you like from your favourite to your worst, from the actors to the characters, from the film itself to the cinemas, anything to do with film. Have a think and send your list to Stalker's Top Tens as soon as you can.

If you want to look at the other lists that have been sent in, then just head to the Stalker's Top Ten section where, amongst the top and bottom tens of readers, you will see the Top Ten rumours of 2008. Well worth a read through.



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