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Stalker's Top Ten 2008: Tony Evans: Most memorable scenes

10FSReel.jpgNext up is an interesting list from Tony Evans, rather than approach his top ten films, or his bottom ten, or anything as standard as that, Tony has gone for his ten most memorable scenes in film from the last year, and he's pulled out some corkers.

Remember you can submit your own list, details at the end of the article, which will get published on Filmstalker for all to read, and try it like Tony has, do something a little different.

So here's Tony Evans, who has his own blog over at Perception is Truth, and a rather cool site called One Line Movie Reviews which does exactly what it says on the tin, it delivers...wait for it...one line movie reviews!

Before you have a look at his sites though, have a look through his Stalker's Top Ten for 2008, the top ten most memorable scenes. Over to Tony.

I thought I'd describe my top 10 most memorable scenes from 2008, these aren't my top 10 best scenes, just the 10 I feel are most memorable. When someone mentions one of these movies, these are the scenes that spring to mind.

10. Nothing from Jumper (Filmstalker review)
I thought and thought and thought and thought, but just couldn't come up with anything memorable from Jumper. It's a real shame because I thought the concept was half decent, I love Jackson, and although I had strong reservations about Christensen I was prepared to give him a chance. But sadly, the scenes just blurred one into another, another wasted opportunity.

9. The Disjointed Car Chase Scene from Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review)
I enjoyed QoS, but unfortunately the scene which I most remember is the opening car chase. The fast cuts, and disjointed shots, the in-your-toenails camera work. Sure it gave the scene a sense of pace, and I think in the Bourne movies that kind of editing and camera work was done well, but in QoS it got in the way of the story. I had no clue who was driving what where and how for most of the scene, and it's a real shame considering the production quality of the movie.

8. The Flying Freezer Scene from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Filmstalker review)
Indiana Jones is a little silly. We have the tank and blimp scenes from Last Crusade, the heart ripping scenes in Temple of Doom and the statue rocking scene in Raiders. So I can deal with silly (you'll hear me say that again before the end of this post), and I'm in two minds about this scene. Indy hides in a fridge/freezer and saves himself from a nuclear explosion. He flies a fair distance, lands with a thud and climbs out saved! On the one hand, I don't think it's too out of character for the movies, it was certainly entertaining and gave us a laugh. On the other hand I think it set us up and warned us what was coming at the end of the movie - totally wacky craziness.

7. The Pencil Scene from The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review)
Never has "walk softly and carry a big stick" been truer than the scene where The Joker kills the gangster by making the pencil disappear. It was beautifully set up, it was beautifully played out. The whole scene is vivid in my mind despite the time that has passed since first seeing it. I know for a fact that everyone in the cinema audience had the exact same facial expression, and that facial expression was mirrored by the other gangsters on the screen. Pure. Horror.

6. The Brass Knuckle Duster Scene from Wanted (Filmstalker review)
Wanted was silly, but as I said, I'm happy with silly. It was exactly what it set out to be, and there are so many good scenes in it but the one that sticks out, is when Fox puts on the brass knuckle dusters. I don't need Fox to hit Wesley at that stage to make the scene have impact. All of the threat comes from the sight of Fox putting on the knuckle duster. Sure we've seen Wesley stabbed, punched and beaten, but Fox has been there for him, Fox has been his friend, albeit an odd one. But now she's a deadly threat, from friend to foe in one piece of brass knuckle jewellery. The crunch of the first blow landing won't be easy to forget.

5. The Body Bursting Scene from Cloverfield (Filmstalker review)
Cloverfield was ok, I struggled with the camera work because it kept me from getting engaged in the story rather than making me feel part of it, but I can certainly appreciate the quality of the script and the overall movie. I loved the pacing, how it changes throughout the movie, and how it is used to enhance my most memorable scene. Our characters fight their way to a temporary medical centre full of soldiers. We get a flash of a body, really badly torn up. The characters are being hustled through the area when the soldiers and medics finally notice one of them has been bitten. Before anyone knows what's going on she's been dragged away, behind a screen and SPLOOSH, she goes all alien-chest-burster on them. The speed of the action, the out-of-nowhere explosion, the shock, the reactions, the whole thing adds up to an extra memorable scene.

4. The Scene with the Robot on Fire Control Duty in Iron Man (Filmstalker review)
Iron Man worked so well for me because it had just enough humour to grease the drama and keep the story rattling along. I love the robots, and the best scene involving them is when Tony is testing suit parts and sets one of the 'bots on fire control. The test goes a little crazy and then about 5 seconds after it finishes, the robot sets off the fire extinguisher. Comic. Timing. Genius.

3. The Warmongering Scene that didn't exist in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Filmstalker review)
This is an odd one. I watched all of the trailers for Hellboy II, I was really looking forward to it. I strongly remember a scene in one of the trailers where Prince Nuada walks into a room full of mythical creatures and elves. He claims it's time for war (or something similar) and that the humans should fear their return. The elves and creatures applaud and cheer and look like they're about to go to battle. So I go and see the movie and the scene isn't there. On the drive back I was angry, I really disliked the fact that the trailers suggested the movie would have a scene that wasn't in the final film. I started a blog post and then went and watched the trailers. Lo and behold, the scene wasn't there. It didn't exist. Of course, there was a scene where Prince Nuada goes into a room full of elves, a pivotal moment and that was in the trailers, but for some reason I had constantly misinterpreted the context.

2. The Scene where Sol Chases Eden with Viper's Beheaded Corpse in Doomsday (Filmstalker review)
Ah Doomsday, silly and fun and crazy. How can you not love the moment Sol chases after Eden in a souped up Mad Max style car with his dead girlfriend and her disconnected head in the car next to him?

1. The Climbing from the Water and Doing Drugs Before Being Surrounded by Burning Embers Scene from Max Payne
I loved the visuals in Max Payne and while mostly the movie sucked (for many reasons) the imagery was incredible, and the most memorable scene for me is the moment Max drags himself out of the water, pumps himself full of drugs and watches the sky turn to flame and rain embers down around him. I hang onto that image when I think about the rest of the movie sucking so much. The art director and special effects guys should get an award.

It's funny that he mentioned Jumper, because on paper you would think that there are tons of memorable scenes, but when it comes down to it there's nothing hugely memorable. The fight in the colosseum? The jumping of the house? The jumping from underwater? Actually the scene I liked the best was probably jumping into the library with all the water pouring around and then jumping back later into the same mess.

I remember wondering where that scene from Hellboy II was as well, but for me the Doomsday scene that sticks is the pouring of the Tennants lager over the woman's head and my friend suggesting that it was a Scottish golden shower...oh lord.

What about your favourite scenes? Agree with any of these, or disagree?

If you want to look at the other lists that have been sent in, then just head to the Stalker's Top Ten section.

Or maybe you want to submit your own list? Well that's easy too. Write about any film related list you like from your favourite to your worst, from the actors to the characters, anything to do with film in 2008. Have a think and send your list to Stalker's Top Tens as soon as you can.



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