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Stalker's Top Tens 2008

10FSReel.jpgHello readers, well it's getting dangerously close to Xmas and I'm still short on presents, and while I was hearing that it's only fourteen sleeps left till the big day I thought “it's time for the Stalker's Top Ten's”. So here we are.

What are the Stalker's Top Tens you might ask, well it's where you get a chance to put your list of favourite film related things of the year to the readers of Filmstalker, so get writing!

You'll see from last year there was a wide variety of readers writing their Top Tens of 2007, and not just the best films.

Simone told us her top ten films of the year, and you may start out by thinking she's a classic romantic, but that list soon takes a turn for the more serious and darker.

Chris Rushworth did the same, and interestingly he left us with his most anticipated for 2008, I wonder if that list still holds true today? He has Bond 22, The Dark Knight and Vantage Point in there, so it would be interesting to see how that holds up.

Ramchandra Solanki gave us two lists, a quick run through his non-Hindi list of the year and then his Bollywood top ten, which made for interesting reading, and a promise that I still haven't fulfilled.

Spidey1703 (James) gave us his top ten and also the biggest disappointments of the year – I suspect his list for this year will be even bigger.

Mogulus gave us the top ten things that ticked him off in film that year, and he had a fair old rant, I'd recommend reading it.

Ian Smith, who I often butt keyboards with in the comments to much delight – yes I love a good debate! - gave us his top ten of DVD releases of the year and his top three most anticipated films of the coming year.

Firebug, a regular reader and a thoroughly nice bloke to chat to with the most amazing passion for film I've ever witnessed, gave us his top ten along with the three most over hyped films of the year.

Well that's everyone else's, what about yours? Do you want to have a feature article on Filmstalker? Do you want to get your top ten of the year across, whether it be the best, worst, most anticipated, best scenes, worst characters, funniest moments, whatever you want, you can even do more than one.

If you would like to produce a list for the Stalker's Top Tens then you can write it up and send it to this address, it's that simple, and it's open to anyone at all.

I may do a little bit of editing for spelling and language here and there, but it'll pretty much be as you type it with a little introduction and closing by myself and will be featured on Filmstalker during the coming weeks.

If you're not sure and want to ask something then grab me on Twitter, Plurk or Kwippy with the address of Filmstalker (you can see all my contact details on the right hand side), or drop me an email at the above address.

Get writing, and I'm looking to the readers from last year too!



Oh Richard, this topic brought back a lot of memories of 2007 - good and bad! Anyway, I enjoyed coming up with that list actually having seen more films in 2007. I am afraid that since I have not seen that many films in 2008 I might not have enough films to talk about that will make it into the top 10 but I will try and write something up for you.

Hey, it's Filmstalker, it's tradition so you can count on me on this one pal. ;)

Well here's an idea Simone, if you don't have enough to make a top ten of anything - remember it is anything to do with film, doesn't have to be a favourite list or most hated list, you could make a list of top ten stage productions that would make good films - that might play on the Frost/Nixon film we're about to see.

Remember readers, it's not just about your favourite or worst, you can write about any film related top ten. Right now I have lists coming about the top ten babes in film or the top ten best moments.

You could do one of them too, it's always interesting to compare, or your own one - scenes, quotes, moments, characters, actors, whatever.

Richard says, you could make a list of top ten stage productions that would make good films

You are ever so kind sir!

Then I have a lot to write about then! ;)

i'll be doing a list very soon

Looking forward to it. Come on Filmstalker readers, send in some more!


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