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Stevenson to direct Punisher 3?

ThePunisher.jpgWe haven't even seen Punisher: War Zone yet, but Lexi Alexander is already talking about a sequel. Except she isn't intending on directing it.

Rumour has it that she is pushing for the star of the film, Ray Stevenson, to direct any sequel.

Punisher: War Zone has kept us going news wise during it's journey to cinemas. Lexi Alexander was on again off again, then there were the thankfully untrue PG-13 rumours. Add to that, all round problems with Lionsgate and their publicity machine.

It has made it through all that though, and is released in America tomorrow. During an interview to promote the film, Alexander talked about where the series could go next. Super hero flix, through Comic Book Movie asked the question:

In no short order, she explained that she wasn't intent on coming back for a sequel, and if a third film does happens, she won't be attached. Then she told us that she wants Ray Stevenson, the man that plays Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone, to come back and direct a third film. She says that he is very open to it, and that is the direction she is pushing the franchise. She doesn't believe that anybody else but him will be able to make a film that is on par with what is coming to theaters this Friday.

I suppose having played the character, Ray Stevenson would know where to take it. He doesn't seem to have directed anything before though, big first project. We shall have to wait and see how good the film is, and if a sequel is commissioned. Who am I kidding, would they pass up the opportunity? Just might not be with Stevenson directing.



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