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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li trailer online

KristinKreuk.jpgThe first trailer for the new Street Fighter film, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, has arrived online and I do find myself thinking that it looks not too bad.

Of course the production value is higher and we're seeing some of the best parts of the film, so this could be as good as it gets, but it doesn't look half bad.

One of the things that struck me about the film is that it's approached from much more of an Eastern film fight scene philosophy than normal Hollywood films, although I'm not so clear on how well either the Western actors are going to handle the fighting moments, although I have heard that the stars have been undergoing a fair amount of training for their roles.

Looking at the clips of the fight scenes in the trailer I do think that they might have managed to get the balance just right, they do feel that they are impressive without being over the top, and have a very Eastern feel to them.

Have a look at the trailer for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li over at the this site [Flash] through AICN, just wait for the page to load, and see what you think of it. I'm impressed.

This remake stars such names as Michael Clarke Duncan, Moon Bloodgood, Neal McDonough, Chris Klein and Robin Shou, and of course the lead of Kristin Kreuk - no Kylie although the pop star element comes from Taboo. Strong line up, good looking trailer, don't tell me they've made a Street Fighter film that could do well?



I agree it's not that bad but if the movie is starting with of Chun Li's story of her past but I don't know if this movie could be a failure or successful,I heard that Justin Marks said that the film will not be campy or cheesy and now everybody is starting to think it's a crap movie but I don't pay any attention on the complainments.
There was another video game back in the 90's called World Heroes,I think that SNK would bring World Heroes back to life on the big screen with all
the fighters from the past fighting in a superhero tournament travelling into other dimensions in a time machine.
World Heroes could make a good movie.
Thank you.


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