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Terminator Salvation models hide secret?

TerminatorSalvation-Bust.jpgI noticed this the other day but hadn't got round to blogging about the new Terminator salvation model busts of the main characters. While there's nothing surprising about them, apart from another suggestion of hybrids, one model is completely blacked out.

It seems that there's one Terminator that we're not yet getting to see, is this the one that could have Arnie's face, if the effects are completed in time.

The Terminator Salvation bust models are all pretty unexciting and overpriced, but the box pictures reveal a little. There's Marcus Wright, played by Sam Worthington, Blair Williams, played by Moon Bloodgood, Kyle Reese, played by Anton Yelchin, the T-600, which I talked about before and suspect are the machine-human hybrids, or could it be the final model called the T-RIP?

Yes, that seems to be the name right now, I do hope that this is a codename that's just there to cover for what the real title might be, after all I can't believe that SkyNet would create such a name. However it's completely blacked out and a label states that it's classified until after May 6th 2009.

Could this be the hybrid? Or could it be the first attempt at an Arnie Terminator? Perhaps it's both and it's using a human Arnie to bond with a machine, and this is the effect we'll see of his face imposed onto a Terminator? Maybe it's something completed different?

For my money the T-600 looks like the hybrid, and the T-RIP looks like something very different. Any clues in the picture? You can see them over at Coming Soon taken from DC Direct in all their glory.



I think it's a message from the future. I think it's the blanked out silhouette of a Razzie award. All we need now is a silhouette of McG picking it up.

Mark, you crack me up. Maybe it's a Golden Globe or an Oscar?

Okay, I'll shut up now.

If I'm apprehensive about the new film it's only because the first 2 Terminator films are masterclasses in action, plotting and pace. Cameron is an amazing action director. I wouldn't trust McGit to direct a wedding video. And I've directed wedding videos.


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