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Terminator Salvation sequel begins

McG.jpgWork on a fifth Terminator film has begun already, the studios are obviously impressed with what they are seeing from Terminator Salvation, and from McG. Especially from McG as it seems he's involved in the fifth film already, although no mention of directing has been made as yet.

Obviously this is pre-production and there's still a fair way to go with the film, and if Terminator Salvation doesn't perform well in the cinema then we could be seeing the production on the fifth fall flat on its face, but for the moment it's a go.

The heads of Halcyon and McG are already working on the film after the announcement was made at the Dubai International Film Festival on December the 11th.

Variety remind us that Halcyon had a trilogy in mind for the new Terminator series and that Christian Bale was signed in to three films, so it's not surprising that they are thinking of a sequel so quickly.

However I wouldn't be getting too excited. I think that this is all about the success of Terminator Salvation. If that doesn't work then whatever has been done on the pre-production of the sequel will most likely end.

That probably isn't much work either. I can't imagine that while McG is editing, post-producing and marketing the film that he'll have a lot of time to do much on the sequel other than getting the screenwriters to get a few outlines in place and perhaps start working on a draft. So there won't be too much to loose should Salvation not be the redemption they were looking for.

Of course I suspect that this won't be the case and that Terminator Salvation will do really well. I do have concerns over what the big twist of the film could be and how much they are messing with the Terminator ideals, and I'm a bit concerned with the appearance of so many robot types a-la Transformers, but the talent and the footage we've seen tell me something different.

Would you be keen for a fifth film, and judging from the footage we've seen already I'm guessing you'd be keen for McG to return.



If done right, then I'm happy for more Terminator films to be made. A lot depends on Salvation as that is the start point for these new movies, and therefore Salvation must be pretty strong.

Going by what we've seen with Salvation so far I think it's clear to say that it's going to be more than good. It looks compact and tight, streatching at the seams with action, and it looks as though we're in for a well written adventure.

I'm impressed with what I've seen by McG (it's difficult to see his work on Terminator and compare it with Charlie's Angels - cringe!). McG is going to make his name worth while with Salvation I believe. It looks as though he has a style, which couldn't be said for T3's director, Jonathan Mostow. I'm sure both the film and McG will deliever and therefore I'd be pleased, as a fan, for McG to return. Saying that it would be good to see someone else direct and put there touches to the saga that be, The Terminator.


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