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Terminator Salvation trailer online in HD

TerminatorSalvation.jpgThe trailer for Terminator Salvation that we just caught yesterday leaking out of Japan has now arrived in glorious Quicktime high definition, and to complement it I've grabbed a few screenshots of some interesting moments.

The trailer, as we saw yesterday, is superb, but now it's in all its high definition glory, and with Quicktime you can flip scene by scene much easier. Take a look and decide for yourself, has McG got it right? Is John Connor going to make it out of this film alive?

You know the more I think about it the more I wonder if John Connor is going to make it out at the end of the film alive, we already know that at some point in the future he's set to die, but then we are dealing with time travel so anything could happen!

One thing from the trailer is clear though, and that's the Terminator's aren't taking any prisoners, and we are going to see the new design of Terminator, the Arnie model, in the film. As yet it just depends if we're going to see an early attempt at his face on it.

Enough of the yacking, here are some great screenshots from the trailer, explanations included, and then the link to the trailer itself.

The huge Terminator that grabs people - Full Size TerminatorSalvation7

The first face of the Terminator - Full Size

Connor meets the new Terminators being assembled - Full Size

The motorcycle Terminators - Full Size

Warthogs, A10 Tankbusters, are used to destroy Terminators - Full Size

Flying Terminators take off beside pens of captured humans - Full Size

The captured humans are about to be compacted - Full Size

Apple Trailers [iPod:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] hosts the trailer, and it's well worth seeing again.

What do you think? End game for Connor? Endgame for the humans that's for sure, Tankbusters or not.



Nice selection of shots there Richard. I think it's going to be a pretty intense movie. The resistance have their work cut out!

Thanks Billy, I just liked the look of them, and the fact that we have confirmation that Connor will meet the new Terminator...just no Arnie skin as yet.

Actually there's a shot of him right next to the face, but SkyNet seem to have that face on older style robots too.


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