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Terminator Salvation trailer teased

TerminatorSalvation.jpgReally, that says it all. You'll see the hype egging you on, thinking that perhaps the trailer is here. Well it's not. It won't be showing until Tuesday on Entertainment Tonight, however there are some very quick flashes from the trailer online, and a few words from the lead character.

The titles pop up, John Connor speaks, and the footage rolls.

"Those hands have been busy"

Then we see a bunch of short cuts we've seen in various forms before, but here they're strung together and moving. Okay, and there are some nice new shots for you to freeze frame and ponder over, like the dropping bike.

The clip comes through Coming Soon, and you can see it right here.

Well, what did you think? It's not fantastic, but there area a few more moments in there. I am confused about the titling “Christian Bale meets The Terminator”, shouldn't it be John Connor meets him?

I'm looking forward to the full trailer for Terminator Salvation, I think it will deliver, the film is another story.



I do wonder if the fact that we can now watch The Terminator on TV everyweek (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) will affect the Box Office for a new movie version?

As for the trailer there's nothing there that we haven't seen before.

Well there are a few glimpses of some new shots...just have to wait a few more days for the lot.

Yeah, I wonder how much the TV show has messed with the franchise and if it will have an adverse effect.

For some reason people seem to enjoy The Sarah Connor Chronicles more than Terminator 3, which is beyond me. Anyway that sure was a tease. I'm very interested to see how this plays out and the hype is in my blood stream. I can already imagine the reviews for this; 'better than T3, not as good as Cameron's...etc, etc'.

Now let's wait for the full trailer.


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