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The Crow remake

TheCrow.jpgStephen Norrington is set to write and direct a remake of The Crow. The man who brought us Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is looking to recreate the character in an entirely different light to the one we saw him in (or out of) in the Alex Proyas directed film starring Brandon Lee.

This would mark the first film that Norrington has been involved with since The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a film that so many people slated upon its release.

Interestingly, when I look back on that film, I really enjoy it and its characters, and for a superhero ensemble film you have to admit that it works a hell of a lot better than films such as Fantastic Four (Filmstalker review). I enjoy watching that film and the characters and story are pretty damn good, I would have been excited to see them in a sequel, and yet after that film both Stephen Norrington and Sean Connery never made another film, and in fact Connery slates the film when questioned about it.

It seems, according to Variety, that Norrington was close to making another film a few times, he was close to making The Mutant Chronicles some time ago and then he was signed to direct Clash of the Titans but left after he said he could not excite Warner Bros. with his idea nor influence the script enough for his liking.

After The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen he felt demoralised and went away to concentrate on other aspects of his life, but now it would seem the time and the project are right. A recreation of The Crow.

Apparently he wants to create a realistic take of the character, in his own words:

“Whereas Proyas’ original was gloriously gothic and stylized, the new movie will be realistic, hard-edged and mysterious, almost documentary-style.”

Now that does have some appeal, although there's a concern that he would become just a dark vigilante. Or really is that a concern at all? Perhaps that would be a good turn for the character.

Reading the article it seems that there's still some paperwork to be done on the deal, but Stephen Norrington could be writing and directing a remake of The Crow very soon. The question is do we want one, is there space for another dark hero, and will enough people have accepted or forgiven The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?



No no no, if there is one film that shouldn't be remade it would be the crow.

I'm going to be short and immature on this one.


LXG wasn't that bad, it didn't hold true to the comic though. I think a remake of the crow would be really cool. I mean I love the crow staring Brandon Lee (R.I.P.) but I think it would be cool to see what a modern "The Crow" would look like not like a "The Crow 5" but a new first movie, maybe even a prequel to see how the crow legend came to be. I think that would be awsome. But that's just me.

Unless this was a SinCity-like movie based on "The Crow Author's Edition" (see http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/thecrow/ ) I would hate a remake was made

The original Crow film is one of my top ten of all time... 'not a good day to be a bad guy'...
After watching all of the increasingly rubbish sequels I'd welcome a revamp - just please don't cock it up!!

A remake could be done, but not with this guy apparently hes been infected with Dark Knight fever, How the F do you make a story based on the narration of a "soul" aided by a "crow" and a "skull cowboy" in its quest to take vengeance on its killers "Beyond The Grave" realistic! and documentary based? I'm sure this genius intends giving out shrooms to all ticket purchasers, that'll definitely make it realistic. These morons keep churning out remakes. Ill just ignore this one like I did all the rest. The 1st Graphic Novel and 1st Film are both one shot masterpieces.

Kojo, good points. I have no idea how they could interpret this idea realistically. If we're talking about these fantasy elements then The crow is as realistic as you could get.

I wouldn't mind a remake with Johnny Depp as The Crow losing his daughter instead of his girl or something, as for the director, Id say Tim Burton but I'd be a little worried (I don't like musicals), unfortunately and fortunately they don't need this career reviving project like Prince Norrington over hear.

The Crow is my favorite movie EVER! If they remake it i will seriously cry wicked bad because they cant do that to the crow fans or Brandon Lee! THEY JUST CAN'T!

The Crow sucks.

I really wanted to like it but it was just...bad. So I don't really care if it gets remade or not.

If this movie gets made I am stabbing someone in the eye.

Hell ya! Bring it on!!! I loved the original crow movie but i've been waiting for them to update the film into a more modern action flick like the ones we see today; "Underworld", "Wanted", "Max Payne", "Hitman", "Shoot 'em up" (with a decdent storyline of course). I hope the movie will be a little different than its predessor!!! Hopfully they'll leave it open to continue the story with the main character, that is something i wouldn't expect!!!!

ugh... I loved the first AND second crow films. There was a tie between the two with the following of Sarah, but once she was out of the picture, the films died for me. Well, that and the fact that they were horribly made afterwards (Both went straight to video. Oh god, Wicked Prayer was A PILL. I mean, wth was that?!? What were they thinking?!). That includes the TV show for me; I tried it out, but no dice. That was not Eric Draven...
I want them to let this series R.I.P because I don't have confidence they can make a decent film addition to it anymore :\
Maybe crows should be left to the comic and literature worlds. They look fine on paper...

No way! I wanna a crow comeback and i'm pretty sure some people (who don't want to admit it) deep down, want one too! Plz update it, I'd like to follow a more decent storyline with a lead that'll appear in more than one movie!!! I can see this film being more exciting and on its own without surpassing the original. People plz this film has so much more potential, why waste it?

I'm hearing some interesting rumors that actor Stuart Townsend (from "Queen of the Damned" and "Trapped") might be one of hollywoods first choices to play the title role in the new film. If i'm wrong, he'd be the perfect crow and this could ressurect his career!!! Plz get him hollywood, he's an awesome actor!!!

DO NOT DO A REMAKE...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think the car makers at Ford could remake the Mustang the way it used to be. Don't be another Rob Zombie - make your own original film or remake something that really needs a make over. Brandon Lee has given that movie a cult following and it;s such an original. DOing a remake would destroy evrything about the mystery especially if it is done in a different way than what Proyas did it. It belongs in the story line like the graphic novel displays it, not as a realistic, documentary type.

Yesssssss! remake this movie it deserves another style!!! i don't care what anyone says, this would not be an insult to Brandon!!! it's not like the crow was the only movie he ever did, fans should know that. if anything he'd want this movie to be revamped, he might even had been flattered to know that it was so well remembered amongst crow fans to get a reboot!! so yes make this movie great, it won't ever top the original but at least make it fun and really actioned packed with an awesome storyline (different from the original of course). Plz make a mondern romance in this movie too!!! we've already seen "guy-comes-back-from-the-dead-to-exact-revenge-for-the-murder-of-his-lover", we need a good damsell in the film or at least a cool gothic chic!!! i'd also like to see the main charater live on in more than one movie!!! plz plz make this movie!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ can't you get an idea of your own.
The guy died making this movie and you wanna remake it
Fine, after you die I'll make your coffin into a piss pot.

Here's an idea....Go get a writer with a life,
or better yet, one that's on drugs.

Or Better Yet, I'll give you one of mine, for free,
Just leave this movie alone.


Either that, or simply call it another sequel, or spin-off to appease us. The role of Eric Draven belongs to Brandon. I know he earned it, we all know that. I think what your doing is tasteless and I gaurantee you I won't pay to see it, rent it or piss on it until its forced on me.

Wtf is wrong ppl, this movie should not be remade. This is just gonna tarnish the series even more. How the hell are you supposed to make it more realistic? The whole film is fantasy based, and I don't even get the documentry part, seriously someone explain that one to me. I'm so pissed about this.
I was raised with this film, it's a classic in my household. I would curl up on the couch with my family and watch it. Not only is the film gonna tarnish the series even more it's just gonna ruin it. I HOPE SOMEONE IN HOLLYWOOD HAS THE SENSE OF MIND TO STOP THIS INSANE AND RIDCULIOUS IDEA!

This Film is dedicated to the memory of Brandon Lee,
I don't see enter the dragon remade! leave this one

I cannot believe you would remake a masterpiece like The Crow. I know a bunch of who got angry when they found out. The Crow should be left alone the way it is. There is no way you could make it any better without Brandon Lee, who I see as a legend. There should not be anyone other than Brandon Lee that can pull off the role of Eric Draven. Also I agree with deadgirl23, he died making this movie and you want to remake his best film. I mean jeez, could you be any stupider.

There has already been 2 "dark vigilante" films made..The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

A "modernized" remake of The Crow just goes to show Hollywood sucks and has ran out of any original ideas.

Clint Westwood here, yeah, the guy who pied Santa on CNN. The Crow has been my favorite movie ever since it first came out. At risk of sounding like I have a big head, I think its safe to say that I'm the biggest Crow fan out there. I've even been to Brandon's grave at Lake View Cemetery. So I think my two cents would be helpful. I can totally see how it would be a total mistake to remake The Crow for the more modern times. It will put a spotlight on the original Crow for a very short time for all the wrong reasons. As much as I want more people to see the original Crow movie, I don't want them to see it just because a new one is being made. People will think its cool to have seen the original just because the new one is coming out. And if the new Crow movie is very popular then everyone will forget about the old one after time and whenever someone references The Crow, everyone will think they are talking about the new version. The fact is, it has the potential to completely change The Crow's credibility. But for good or bad will remain a mystery ... for now. To be honest, I can't wait to see the new Crow remake. And you know why? I just wanna see what happens. Because I know that whatever happens with this new remake, nothing will change the fact that the original will always be my favorite movie of all time. The new remake could be absolutely awful and it wouldn't change a thing for me. The original would still be my favorite movie of all time and I would still be grateful that got see if the remake lived up to the original or not. And if the remake turns out to be totally awesome, I can hold my head high knowing that the original is still my favorite but the remake is not too far behind it. Besides, it can't be any worse than all those awful sequels that somehow got made.

all i got to say is [expletive removed - Richard] no and brandon lee would be turning over in his grave you people are so full of shit to consider doing a remake the first movie was a work of art and romance and people should not remakeit and have it get killed like half of all the aother dam remakes that they have made of popular cult films!!!! so if you remake it you people better not [expletive removed - Richard] IT UP OR YOU WILL PAY

The Crow is my favorite movie...Don't [expletive removed - Richard] with...

I sware to god if the turn this into another rob zombie halloween fiasco and demistify the whole crow idea I will be super pissed. This I one movie that should never be remade. I mean if they want to make another original based on the crow idea or turn one or the other crow stories into a movie fine, but Brandon Lee is Eric Draven. No one has the right to even try to replace him. I mean he lost his life for the part. Shouldn't that count for something?

I dno't know if this is true but there's in talks of remaking The Crow movie that the late Brandon Lee starred in. You got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!!! how can anyone remake a cult classic?!!

What the hell is wrong with Hollywood these days, I mean are there no more good writers out there, did they run out of good ideas for original flims, im getting sick with the remakes. its starting to piss me off..And now some piss head wants to remake a classic..WTF... Im a big Crow fan, from the comics to the first flim, The Eric Draven story line is the best and will always be the best..The Crow is a classic and should not be touched, i mean Alex Proyas finish the flim for Brandon Lee and all of the crow fans out there,and for me a remake of a classic its a big slap in the face...HOLLYWOOD GET THE PICTURE STOP WITH THE F...... REMAKES

R.I.P (Brandon Lee)+(Bruce Lee)

Here, in Brazil, we are 1.000 fans (many since 1989 - me for example)! And we say: DO NOT DO THIS! SHEET IF THIS MOVIE SUFFER RESHAPING, becouse the gothic style, Noir enviromnet, The Soul of the history stay in facts of Jame's life and Brandon circunstances. Jason Stathan a crow???? Where the hair of guy? A baldy or cue Crow?????
F...your britain scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOIR and GOTHIC have mean to you?????

the crow was cool but the direstor will need really cool acters to play Eric and T- Bird and his crew and that one guy wit the long hair

Why dont they just remake Casablanca while they are at it...

You woud not believe that there was talk of a Casablanca modernisation not that long ago, genuinely!

Remake "The crow"?This is a blasphemy to Brandon's spirit.
Who the **** do you think you are?Your pocket maybe will fill with money,but you will run off soul...

This is a nightmare why would they destroy such a great movie? If this remake does go threw im gonna be seriously pissed off. I havent seen this movie over 800 times, have a collection of over 70 peices and a tattoo on my lower back for shits and giggles. The Crow is my sanity and Brandon Lee kicks ass i dont want it ruined. To do a remake would surely cause Brandon to roll over in his grave. This embarresment to brandon needs to be stopped

The Crow CANT be remade.

I hate to say this guys.. but it CAN be remade, and what's more.. it could be done BETTER.

Before you start throwing rocks, I am in no way justifying Norrington's vision. Realistic and documentary style? No.. not even close.. that should not happen. The Crow was built on Goth and noir stylings, pieced together from the worst events in James O'barr's life. To touch the original film, starring Brandon Lee, would be an outrage and there would be a full revolt. (Hollywood, have you ever seen three million really pissed off and angsty goths?.. I bet not)


In todays film market it is possible for the entire comic to be told in one sitting, and the audiences are willing to sit through longer, harder edged, deeper stories than they were in the mid-nineties.

While remaking the first film would be a huge mistake.. doing a full adaptation of the original comic would NOT be a mistake. There was so much left out of the first film because of editors, producers, movie execs and the untimely death of one of the greatest actors ever to grace the screen.

Erick's self mutilation, the skull cowboy, all sorts of things can now be instilled.

But this isn't for norrington OR statham to do. While I'm a huge fan of the first Blade film, he has no idea what should be done with The Crow. And Statham has the acting chops of a melting raccoon.

So in short, remake of first movie BAD. Full adaptation of original comic, VERY GOOD.

Dresden, you should have a look at the latest story on the site about The Crow, it has some interesting comments from Norrington that I think matches with just what you're saying, a complete remake, nothing from the original The Crow film.

What the f are the thinking. The crow was bad ass and could never be improved on. To even try would be an insult to Brandon Lee's memory. Something has to be done to stop this.

in his defence his idea doe's sound more true to the original graphic novel whereas the first film was very different

This is a load of bull shit, the original actor for The Crow is Brandon Lee, no one should take his character. Brandon is the reason everybody loves The Crow and without him it aint The Crow, its some other movie with similar concept. After his death they did 3 other movies and a series of television shows, NO, its all wrong, they may catch interest but it isnt The Crow we all love. To make Eric Draven a more realistic caracter, what is more realistic then a man coming back for revenge against the people who killed him and his beloved Shelly. It isnt a super hero story like they are making it sound in this article makes it sound. The Crow is a love story in a gothic way, to take the gothic look out of the story and make it more "poser" and "realistic" is shit, GOTHIC IS REALISTIC, IM A DAMN GOTH. I dont think there needs to be another movie, or if there is someone contact me and let me help them on set to make it a memorial to the late great Brandon Lee.

no you can not remake the crow it brandon lee last film he dead in that film that is why you shuld not remake the crow

There goes Hollywood to destroy yet another good past movie! Sequels for The Crow were just ridiculous... that last one with David Boreanaz and Tara Reidi... we would have to create a new word to define that! They decided to destroy every goth character and supernatural monster (I really really really really hope that Wolfman will be decent) so why not to do it to The Crow? I read today that they want to do something like "update" the character to our days. So, Will The Crow sparkle???

all i can say is oh my [expletive removed - Richard] god

they better not "remake" a true cult movie its like blasphemy

i admit the other crow movies that followed the first one should not have been made, but to remake this, i will NEVER watch no matter how good they say it will be

the crow was suppose to be goth a dark i dont know were he gets his ideas from what a asshole

i'm a bramdon lee fan i've seen all his movies been to his gravesite got tons of items of the crow to do a remake will be a CURSE TO THOSE WHO WILL TRY!!! BRANDON LEE died fliming this movie and they wanna disrespect his spirit by doing a remake! i tell you nothing good is gonna come from this remake i promise you that!!!!!!!!

Quick question- if Brandon Lee hadn't died during filming, do you think that he'd care it was getting remade?
Follow up question- do you think that because he died tragically whilst filming The Crow, that it somehow made the movie mean more to him than any of his other films he made?
And before people start hatin' at me, I am a fan, but I also like to question obsessive perspectives on these things. Do you think his family want him permanently identified as this dark and violent character?


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