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The Dark Knight live, interactive director's commentary

TheDarkKnight-Bluray.jpgThere's a stunning feature on the Blu-ray release for The Dark Knight - a live, interactive commentary from the director Christopher Nolan. Yes, live and interactive, that means you can ask him questions as you watch the film at the same time as he's watching it.

Sounds incredible doesn't it? Well it's happening, and you could be one of the people chatting to Christopher Nolan during his live commentary.

The features on The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) disc are going to take advantage of the Blu-ray component called BD Live, the interactive additions to Blu-ray that are available on the higher end Blu-ray players and the PlayStation 3 console.

I say features because it's not just this live commentary that is taking advantage of the Blu-ray format, but the IMAX portions of the film. It's the commentary though that is the most attractive feature of the disc.

According to All Things Fangirl (who have a poor understanding of Blu-ray) through The Times, using the BD Live features of The Dark Knight Blu-ray disc, Christopher Nolan will engage in a live commentary of the film with one hundred thousand people listening in live and watching the film at the same time. Not only will he host the commentary but the viewers will be able to chat with him about the film.

Now that sounds superb, and hopefully with a present of that very Blu-ray disc this Xmas, I could be in amongst that group on December the 18th. Oh, wait, there's a problem with those dates. Anyone else got a copy?

There's also another interesting feature on the disc offering, you can grab yourself a webcam and record your own commentary for the entire film or merely a scene or two, upload it and allow others to view it. Now All Things Fangirl capture the strength of this part, it's not the fact that you could watch anyone doing a commentary, but that you could see someone famous or one of your friends doing one.

Taking that even further, you could gather together a group and create portions of a commentary for the entire film. I wonder if that could be taken even further and you could perform a commentary online with a group of friends? Now that would be something special.

Overall it seems that BD Live is starting to gain some interesting meat, and things are looking very exciting for the future of Blu-ray interactive.



Sounds cool. I could ask who came up with Christian Bale's Batman voice.... Great use of Blu-ray functionality though.

Man, if SWAT had done this, I could have asked the director what the hell he was thinking. Opportunity missed.

I know what to get you for Xmas now...and it's not The Dark Knight!!

Unfortunately, this isn't available on the UK Blu-Ray. I picked it up yesterday, chucked it in, and there's no BD Live functionality on it at all.

Astounding picture though! Seriously, the best looking Blu-Ray I have seen so far. But looks like UK people are not allowed to experience Warners first ever BD Live effort.

That is absolutely rubbish - I can't believe they have the gall to do that and then shout about region coding and piracy.

That stinks. I might cancel it on my wishlist now. I'll rent it, but the buying can go right in the bin.

Especially as the US disc is Region Free and the BD Live features work from the UK with that disc.

I have emailed Warners to see if they have anything to say about it, but I'm not honestly expecting a response! ;)

Well thats interesting then because last night I spent an hour trying to find the BD Live content not just on The Dark Knight but also on Walk Hard which is also supposed to be BD Live but couldnt on either so I guess NZ doesnt get BD Live either.

What?! Well in that case I'm off to import the US version, probably at a cheaper cost as well.

Firebug, I hope you can do the same.

Yeah i have been waiting for this My Commentary feature for ages....i am from australia....it was supposed to be included in the Mamma Mia Blu-Ray but was not on the Australian Disc....it IS included on the "Wanted" disc but when u select BD Live all u get is the message saying "COMING SOON" so we havent got it yet!


Oh that's crazy. The feature is there and they've not enabled it? I'm curious to see if the UK version is enabled, or the US for that matter.

are the invites still being sent as of now?!

I have no idea if they are invites or if you sign up with the feature when you get the DVD.

Richard, can't believe you followed through with the threat to get me SWAT for Christmas. I might return the favour with Quantum of Solace next year!

Ha! Well I'm sure you're going to come through with a different feeling towards the film after watching it again and the two directors commentaries!!


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