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The Green Hornet loses director

TheGreenHornet.jpgIt's interesting that the news out today tells us that Stephen Chow has left the directing duties of The Green Hornet over what is referred to as creative differences and yet will remain to star in the role of Kato.

Creative differences usually means that there's a disagreement about the direction on the script to screen process and the director wants to do one thing while the studio want to do another. If this was the case would you still want to star in the film?

If you couldn't get to do what you wanted with the film, and perhaps the story too for the director often changes the story as it develops for the screen, would you want to stay in a starring role and see the film taken in a direction that you didn't want? More to the point see you told to act out a major role in a way that you didn't agree with?

I find that hard to understand, and if I was the person who was put in that situation I'd probably be backing out of both roles, even if the role in the original television series of The Green Hornet was performed by one of my idols and obvious comparison in the film industry – in this case Bruce Lee.

The story comes from Variety and tells us that Stephen Chow will no longer direct but will still play Kato, the supporting lead as the sidekick and assistant to the masked crime fighter The Green Hornet.

There's no word on what those creative differences were over, but I'm just surprised that he's staying in the role. Is that just me or does anyone else think they would feel that way?



Chow has such a specific stylistic vision, that I completely see him at odds with the studio. Besides that, I'm not sure if Apatow is involved, but he also has a style, and they just don't gel well together.

I know for a fact, that if Chow were director, there would be certain key points he would want to hit. Personally, if this film is going to be a comedy, I just not that into seeing it. Also, as they say it all comes out in the wash. Chow is a marquee name, I'm not sure Rogen is but there may have been some conflict there. I never really saw this happening, and I'm kinda iffy if Chow will even stay on any longer.

Having seen Chow's previous film's you are right, so far Chow has been showing a style that just doesn't gel well with Hollywood, never mind just with Rogen, but that's a good point, the two are very different.

I think by dropping Chow they've missed a trick, and what we may end up with is a typical Hollywood film with part comedy in it.

I had the same thought though, will he stay to act?

Well, he may stay on to act for the money. This is his first American film, it'll be his Rush Hour, and it's like why not? If Jackie, Jet, and CYFat, could do it then, Stephen definitely can.

It'll just give him money to continue the Kung Fu Hustle trilogy.

That's something many actors/directors tend to do, act in the mainstream to earn the cash, directly or indirectly, to make their own projects. I don't know if Chow has had to do that so far.


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