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The Last Airbender casting

TheLastAirbender.jpgThe first casting has appeared for M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender, and it looks like the film is going for newcomers and casting young unknowns in the various roles.

There are some major casting announcements already made and they may seem rather surprising as there's not a big star amongst them.

The lead role of the hero Aang and his friend Sokka have been chosen and the character of the evil Prince Zuko is in negotiations.

According to Hollywood Insider Aang, the twelve year old Avatar who has powers beyond other Avatars and who has to learn to harness them in order to stop the Fire nation from destroying the world, has been chosen from open casting calls. He will be played by Noah Ringer who is apparently a karate student, and a well versed one at that.

Aang's friend is Sokka who looks set to be played by Jackson Rathbone who we just saw in Twilight, and Nicola Peltz from Deck the Halls is in negotiations to play the Fire Nation's evil Prince Zuko.

I really don't know the story for The Last Airbender, although I am interested in seeing the cartoon and catching up on what I'm missing, so I can't comment too much on the characters and the casting.

What I can say is that I think it's a good move not to involve well known names and to start from scratch with raw talent. Think the Harry Potter school of casting. They're going to grow into the roles and develop as the films evolve - as long as they do and the franchise continues, there is the chance that it won't. I just have to hope that it's not The Happening (Filmstalker review).



I recommend checking out the cartoon series it is intriguing and has a good story.

I'm not excited about the rumored casting at all. I like Rathbone, but he is a little old to play Sokka. And the thought of McCarthy has Zukko?? Oh man, it kills all excitement.

I hate to say it, but the cast is too white. I'm not typically one to say that, but this cartoon has a strong eastern/asian influence, so having an all white main cast feels out of place. I think a more enthic mixture of casting would create a better feel for the world this story is set in.

That's an interesting point that I've seen raised before. Although I've not watched the cartoon at length I have seen a few moments and understand that the representation of different nations could be a bit more diverse than white actors.

Of course these are only a few of two nations, perhaps the others will be physically different, and there's perhaps a lot of makeup and costume work to come yet.

I do agree with your comment about casting not well known actors. And yes, it could turn out alright even though I can't imagine them in the Airbender world. Still, I remain highly skeptical.

Oh, and I noticed a typo above Nicola isn't set to play Zukko, she's set to play Katara, Sokka's sister. :)

Jessie McCarthy is in talks to play Zukko, which I feel is an absolutely horrible decision. Even when he was playing a snotty rebellious teen on Summerland he did not have that inner malice, which would be needed for this role.

Meli, thanks for the correction, my apologies I just seem to have missed out an entire line when writing that.

No worries, it happens. I thought it better to mention it than ignore it. :)

Oh yes, better to rather than ignore - I do hate it when I'm wrong.

Man this cast sucks. the director should have casted people of some color at least-especially for the main characters (sokka, & Katara). Honestly they should have tried open casting calls for all four characters... This movie could have been so much better.... =( that nicola doesn't even look like katara. This iz a disgrace and disapointment!!!!!! I guess it just shows how bad of a director Shyamalan is.. =(


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