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The Proposal trailer online

SandraBullock.jpgThe trailer for the ill sounding The Proposal has arrived online, and it's right here for you to see. Starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, it tells the story of a hard business woman about to be deported from her job in America for being an illegal Canadian immigrant. Quick thinking gives her the idea to marry her male assistant, a man she regularly picks on and makes his life a living hell.

You can guess how it's going to play out, but actually there are some good moments in the film and it has me wondering if I'm going to consider seeing it.

You know everything about this film has me ticking off lists of why I wouldn't like it, apart from Sandra Bullock of course, and some of the other recognisable names in the film.

Then I watched the following trailer and there's a certain slickness and style to it, as well as the fact that not all the jokes are straight out of the expected bag, and I actually rather liked it.

Here's the trailer for The Proposal, have a look and see what you think.

The actress, choreographer and director Anne Fletcher, 27 Dresses and Step Up, directs with Pete Chiarelli making his writing debut.



I think Ryan and Sandra are both really good in comedies. The storyline looks pretty predictable but it was worth watching the trailer for the shots of naked Ryan alone!

Forgot to mention that I really wish they were in a more serious film together. Ryan has shown in The Nines and Smokin Aces that he can suit the more serious roles so he really needs to stop doing these type of films. That way i might actually end up watching some of them.


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