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The Spirit clips, adverts, B-roll's and interviews

TheSpirit_Poster.jpgI've got a bunch of clips, B-roll's and interviews for Frank Miller's The Spirit, and what's best is that the interviews are with just about all the cast members and Frank Miller himself. There's quite a bit to see.

The Spirit is the adaptation of the Will Eisner comic that tells the story of a cop unjustly gunned down in the city he protects. The city brings him back to life and gives him a chance to protect the people within it as it guides him along the way and protects him the best it can.

However The Octopus has had enough of The Spirit's meddling and is planning to kill him once and for all. He's a criminal who kills anyone who sees his face, and The Spirit is on his tail.

Frank Miller has pulled heavily from his 300 (Filmstalker review) and Sin City (Filmstalker review) inspiration for The Spirit, and it shows, but will that harm the film or will it turn out to be something interesting in the superhero genre? Have a look at some of these clips to see for yourself.

TV Advert - Catch

TV Advert - Little Xmas Gift: Sand

Clip - Snowballs and Sewers

B Roll Part I

B Roll Part II

Scarlett Johansson Interview

Eva Mendes Interview

Gabriel Macht Interview

Jamie King Interview

Samuel L. Jackson Interview

Sarah Paulson Interview

Paz Vega Interview

Frank Miller Interview



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