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Thundercats film trailer online

Thundercats.jpgA Thundercats film featuring Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel and Hugh Jackman, as well as a number of actors from other famous fantasy films sounds superb doesn't it? Well if only it were true, but this fake trailer makes it look like it really could happen.

The real impressive thing behind this is the editing and the finding of the footage, of course the effects are good, but I love seeing where they've pulled different scenes from.

I've seen some good fake trailers, but this one does more than just concentrate on making the actors look like their roles, this tries to get the feel of Thundercats too.

Here's the fake trailer for Thundercats found from Wormy.TV through Hollywood Elsewhere:

Looks rather good doesn't it? For a fan made one anyway. The question is would you love this line-up for a Hollywood version, and when I say for a Hollywood version, I mean the proposed 2010 Thundercats.



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