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Torso still on

Torso.jpgWe've been hearing about another Elliot Ness story for some time, you know the main character from The Untouchables, and that story was going to be Torso, a serial killer hunt type film based on a graphic novel.

However word came out the other week that Paramount had let the option slide on the film and it was heading into nothingness. That appears to have changed somewhat.

Now that's good news because the story from the graphic novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) does sound rather interesting and a while back we heard that David Fincher was at the helm and directing Matt Damon as Ness.

The story captures the imagination too and tells of how Elliot Ness moved on after his historic imprisonment of Al Capone. He travelled to Cleveland and became the director of public safety against crime and corruption that was comparable to the one he carried out in Chicago.

There though he and his group came across a strange case, the first U.S. serial killer, where the torso's of the victims were being found in a small section of Lake Erie Sound.

Apparently he chased the criminal for years and the official public word is that the killer was never found, however the novel takes the truth and fantasy and weaves it together to produce a very different truth.

Although in reality the case was never solved and because it was under Ness' jurisdiction it, along with a few other scandals, tainted his image somewhat. However the storyline and Fincher behind it have me very interested, how could they even be considering not making this?



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