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Tr2n (Tron 2) title change and plot reveal

Tron.jpgAlthough most people seem to have missed it, Filmstalker still has the footage from ComicCon about Tr2n aka Tron 2, or TRZ as rumour suggests the new film will be called. Yes, it's managed to get another ridiculous title. Perhaps soon they'll realise that Tron 2 is a great idea, or Tron 2.0 even.

There's also a revised plot for the film which carries with it all sorts of questions.

Let's leap straight into it:

"After being transported into the surreal landscape of a mainframe computer to destroy an intruder (Tron), a programmer finds himself allied with the leader of a rebellion against a corrupt cyber-entity."

Ooh, now that sounds interesting. The story comes from Production Weekly through Cinema Blend and they have all sorts of theories about what all that means. I can certainly see where they're coming from, but let's lay down some things we know first.

Jeff Bridges is back as an older character inside the computer.

That's all we know so far from the ComicCon footage, that you can still see on Filmstalker, apart from the suggestion that the film will be entirely in 3D.

So considering how Tron ended, I'm wondering if Jeff Bridges' character is returning as an internal computer program, either the corrupt entity himself, or more likely, as the new face of the rebellion that pulls in the new programmer to help him fight against the corrupt entity.

Who really knows at this point, but it would make more sense if the Bridges' character was on the side of the computer and the very fact that it is a "cyber"-entity would suggest that it's attacking from the outside, from the Internet, something Bridges alluded to some time ago when he talked about the film.

He said that when they made Tron there was no internet, and no cellphones. Definitely sounds like the attack is going to be coming from the internet - are we going to see the bikes racing along the information super highway?

However I have to go back to that title. What are they doing? No one will recognise that as a sequel to Tron, TRZ? Sounds like a childrens television channel to me. Even Tr2n was better than that. Without a doubt they have to have a reference to the original film in there, and looking at technology today wouldn't the phrase (which I personally hate being used in business) 2.0 be better and more relevant? Tron 2.0 works much better for me.



Tron 2.0 was the name of the PC first person shooter that came out a while back. Good game actually. Especially for Tron fans.

I was watching the original Tron at the weekend thinking how cool it could be to work in the Internet and mobile phones and other modern technologies. Lots of potential there. To cross back the other way, a Warcraft-esque Tron MMO would be stunning.

Apologies for duplicate comments - the captcha was playing up in Google Chrome.

No problem Dan, thanks for pointing it out - fixed now.

Yeah I knew about the game, it just makes much more sense to go with that title, even if the game has used it already.

A Tron MMO?! Oh that would be superb. Mind you, whatever happened to the Matrix one? That had huge potential.


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