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Valkyrie clips, adverts and interviews

Valkyrie-Cast.jpgValkyrie is promising to be a very strong film, Bryan Singer in charge of a superb cast from Britain and the U.S., and a Christopher McQuarrie co-written script, and to top it all it's a true and largely untold story outside of Germany. It's the story of German soldiers who attempted to assassinate Hitler before the end of the war in the hope of stopping his plans and allowing Germany peace with the world.

It looks a great film, and I've got a couple of adverts and some interviews from the cast, including Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh and Carice van Houten, as well as a two part interview with Bryan Singer himself.

I'm really looking forward to Valkyrie which is due for a January through February release everywhere in the world after an Xmas day release in America, for some reason. I'm going to try and get an early screening of it in order to let you know just how good it is - for I doubt it will be anything but - and in the meantime, here's some of the cast talking about the film including Bryan Singer himself.

TV Advert - Untold Story (early cut, no score)

TV Advert - Deadlier Leader

Tom Cruise Interview

Kenneth Branagh

Terence Stamp Interview

Thomas Kretschmann Interview

Bill Nighy Interview

Eddie Izzard Interview

Jamie Parker Interview

Carice van Houten Interview

Bryan Singer Interview Part I

Bryan Singer Interview Part II



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