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Verbinski film on ill-effects of Role playing

MazesandMonsters.jpgGore Verbinski's latest film has just been announced, no calm down it's not a Pirates of the Caribbean film, it's actually something entirely different, it's about role-playing games and the effect they have on people in real life.

The film plans to look at those who play online role-playing games to the detriment, and sometimes physical harm, of their real lives.

It would seem that the screenplay will be adapted from a Wall Street Journal article by Alexandra Alter which focuses on a married man who spends up to twenty hours a day playing an online role-playing game as a character who is a muscular entrepreneur. In reality the man is a diabetic (and possibly overweight), chain smoking fifty-three year old.

You can see where this film will be going, and it won't be portraying RPG'ers in a a positive light, they'll all be useless, fat, lazy, disconnected, with serious social problems, and that might be a slightly unfair view.

Although I suspect that the film will end up having a fair amount of comedy, there are some strong possibilities in there and we could see how online fantasy roles can affect people in extreme situations and how their lives are altered as a result.

According to the Variety story Steven Knight is the writer hired to adapt the article into a workable film for Gore Verbinski. Knight has previously written the excellent Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things and Amazing Grace.

Okay, maybe there won't be that much comedy, perhaps it's going to turn out to be a bit darker than I first thought, however RPG'ers aren't going to be too happy.



I fear we may be in for the 21st century equivalent of this - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084314/ - loathsome little film that it is.

Not on my must watch list, that's for sure.

Does anyone remember that made-for-tv Tom Hanks movie Mazes and Monsters? He becomes addicted to D&D and ends up wandering in NY sewers on a quest. Good dark stuff even with its tiny budget.

Jeff W. that's what Dan gave us the link to, but to be fair I think that comment was held back for moderation while you were making yours - just to explain to everyone!

Yeah, if you look at the image in the story (and check the rollover) you'll see that I was thinking about that very film.

Isn't it funny that's always forgotten in the Tom Hanks list of films!

Hanks wants to forget it. He fails to acknowledge he ever made it, if the stories are true.

Wonder why my comment got help back. Because it had a link in?

It was Dan, but that confused me because the amount of posts you've made before outweighs the link...I'll look into that.

The guy is a hack filmmaker and this will be just one more subpar POS.

Yeah, if you look at the image in the story (and check the rollover) you'll see that I was thinking about that very film.
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