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Watchmen footage on i-Tunes

Watchmen.jpgThe footage of Watchmen which was shown at Comic-Con, is now online for you to see. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, you need i-Tunes to see it.

The 30 second clip shows Rorschach close up, and also Doctor Manhattan. I'm already wondering how they made him look that good.

Watchmen footage from Comic-Con has made it online before. But this footage is now online officially, and looks all the better for it. You can see the footage here on i-Tunes, through Coming Soon.

I don't know if it's because I just finished reading Watchmen, but I'm kind of blown away with how closely matched the shots are. In this clip you can get a birds eye view of Rorschach's mask and Doctor Manhattan is also looking awesome. I'm getting far too excited about this film, far too early.

If you are outside the US, you can still view the footage but changing to the US store. If anyone can get their hands on the footage in a different format, let us know. Jeez, just release the footage already... If you check the footage out, come back and tell us what you think.



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