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Weaver and Murray on Ghostbusters III

SigourneyWeaver.jpgSignourney Weaver seems to be on for the third Ghostbusters film, and not only that but she has some great ideas to explore for the third film.

She also reveals that she's due to get in touch with Bill Murray next week, hopefully about Ghostbusters.

While Bill Murray's idea of adding a female Ghostbusters to the fray might not be so much fun. Sigourney Weaver wonders if Dana and Venkmen ended up together, and if they did what would their lives be like?

"Does he think we got married or something?...I would hope that my little Oscar would be one of the Ghostbusters even if I'm not in it!"

That's her son, and that suddenly sparks off an idea, handing the franchise off to the heirs of the business and letting him pick a new team with the current Ghostbusters training them up, and just as they go solo all hell breaks loose and they find they need the extra help, the retirees are draughted back in.

It's not the strongest of ideas for the third film, but it is a good one. I could see that working. Yet it's not this that has me excited in the story from MTV, no it's the fact that Sigourney Weaver is talking about meeting Bill Murray next week and that she seems exceedingly positive for the final film, well final for them.

I'd definitely like to see another Ghostbusters, perhaps not in the way they are talking about, but the idea isn't that bad is it? What's more exciting is that the previous sticking block of Bill Murray seems to be thinking about coming on board, and Signourney Weaver is meeting with him - here's hoping it goes forward.



Breaking news Digital Spy actually reported this on the same day as you makes a change for Digital Spy keeping up with you, or did you give them a headsup? ;-)

Well Richard let me tell you, that's one of the most frustrating things about doing the site, we're usually quite early on the food chain for stories, but we hardly ever get picked up.

There's a lot of going straight through to the source and there's a lot of getting overlooked because this is just a one person run (with Louise helping) site and not a commercial business like so many of the other sites.

We're forever passed over. The Bryan Singer story was the most interesting. Digging the comment out of the UGO story and then seeing sites afterwards dig the same meaning directly from it.

It's the way of the land, and something I hate about it.


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