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Weitz to direct New Moon?

ChrisWeitz.jpgCould Chris Weitz be up to direct New Moon, the sequel to the highly successful Twilight? That's the rumour that's floating around and frankly it sounds a much better match for the feel of the franchise than Catherine Hardwicke was.

Don't get me wrong, I think Hardwicke could have made a slightly darker and edgier film than she did, give the franchise a little edge and aim it a little higher, but that's not what the studio wanted, what they wanted is someone just like Weitz.

Chris Weitz comes with a history of films such as The Golden Compass and About a Boy, and that's perfect for the franchise. I don't think they should have changed it, but then we don't know what was going on behind closed doors and I don't believe that the studio wanted to change the direction from the romanticised fluffiness of Twilight.

The rumour comes from an inside source of Deadline Hollywood Daily's through /Film.

What do you think, if this is true, do you think the director of The Golden Compass is the right match for New Moon? As I said before I think the studio may have chosen poorly for the director of the first film, well for what they wanted out of the film. I do think she could have produced something a lot better that might have appealed to a wider age range.



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