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Win £50 of DVD rental vouchers and Longshots T-Shirts

LovefilmEnvelope.jpgI've got six free three month memberships to UK DVD rental companies to give away along with two T-shirts for the film The Longshots starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer.

The DVD rental memberships are full memberships, and that means unlimited rentals for three months, three rentals at any one time, and the rentals aren't just for films either, you can rent games and Blu-ray discs too. So it's all to win at Filmstalker.

I have four three month passes for LOVEFiLM which give you the full ViP package allowing you unlimited games for all consoles, films and TV series on DVD and Blu-ray, two of the passes also give you free entry into a prize draw for £5,000!

There's a further two three month passes for Tesco DVD rental service, offering exactly the same package as LOVEFiLM.

Note that two of the LOVEFiLM prize-draw vouchers end on the 31st of January 2009 and will need to be activated before then, while the others are valid until the 31st of May 2009.

TheLongshotsTee.jpgPlus there are two T-shirts to give away from the film The Longshots starring Ice Cube and Keke Palmer directed by Fred Durst - yes that Fred Durst.

The competition is open for those with a UK postal address only, and each winner will be randomly chosen from the correct entries. Please state in your entry which prize you would like - three month rental voucher or a T-shirt - and if no one claims the T-shirts I shall select two correct entrants at random to be the lucky winners!

So, to win is easy, just answer the following question and email me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk with the answer, your UK postal address, and what prize you would most like (voucher or T-shirt) before the closing date of the 4th of January 2009. Here's the question:

Tell me the worst DVD you've ever received as a present and why was it the worst?

Simple as that, and it isn't a trick question either. So get entering and you could be watching unlimited DVD's or Blu-rays and playing games galore for three months courtesy of Filmstalker, or wearing a T-shirt from the film The Longshots! What more could you want?

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