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500 Days of Summer trailer and clips online

ZooeyDeschanel.jpgYou'd think that the line up of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel would be a great draw, but the trailer for the film is doing it's best to put us off the idea. Yet the idea of the film seems somewhat interesting too, it's being pitched as an offbeat comedy that looks at a woman who believes love doesn't exist and the guy that falls for her. He's got a fair bit of work to do.

Although the scenes and music for the trailer seem strong it's the voice over that condemns it, and the repeated need to say the film title every few moments “500 Days of Summer” is also rather worrying, it's like a bad TV advert for some sofa store!

So after you've survived the trailer for 500 Days of Summer, well I hope you have, because the two clips I have show something a little different from that, and the first clip had me laughing out loud, and that doesn't happen very often with me these days – not because I'm a horrible grumpy man, but because comedy doesn't hit the mark enough these days.

First, here's the trailer for 500 Days of Summer through Quiet Earth.

Now to give you a little feel for 500 Days of Summer - have I said the title enough yet? - and how the two main characters interact, here are a couple of clips through /Film and Quiet Earth.

Well what do you think now? The trailer was bad with that voice over, and yet visually it looked rather interesting and the musical choice suited the trailer visuals well, it's hard to get past that voice over though.

Another thing that could be bad for 500 Days of Summer (that is the last time!), or it could be good for The Pink Panther 2, are the writers. Oh yes, the two writers then went on to write the sequel to Steve Martin's destruction of the great Peter Sellers' character.



That was a truly terrible trailer, but those clips are fantastic, especially the first one as it made me spill juice over my keyboard

The trailers are really good, Hope the movie get success at Box office.


That trailer is phenomenal imo...one of the best I've seen in a while. A nice homage to Godard with the voiceover and the titles which I suppose will go over the heads of most people while being unique and different enough to stand out from the vast crowd of boring and linearly constructed trailers.

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