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50 Cent producing, starring and directing

50Cent.jpg50 Cent is starting a production company to make his own films called Cheetah Vision. The company has already bought eight scripts and the first to be produced is called The Dance, a film starring Nicolas Cage and strangely, himself.

Not only that but in March we'll see his first directorial role with a film released along with his upcoming album. This drug dealer turned rapper really is making a home for himself in film and expanding his already large empire.

Speaking through the New York Times 50 Cent says of the film The Dance:

"(The script) was previously passed around a little bit but both me and Nicolas Cage had an interest in the film so it will still happen. He plays the founder of a boxing program, and I play a fighter who goes to state prison..."

He's also directed a film called Before I Self Destruct and giving the film away with his latest album which will be called the same name. You'll have to wait until March for that to be released though. He says of the move that he wants his fans to see the film first, probably a good move which will encourage a positive spin on the release.

He explains the desire to do this as his three minutes to create a song don't really tell much about the person behind them:

"It actually allowed me to show cause and effect to some of the actions that I wrote about on the album...Because I have three minutes to create a song its not enough time for me to give an explanation for a person doing these things. It's just saying the action and not giving a description of the circumstances they are under."

Before I Self Destruct will also star himself telling the story of an inner city youth who takes up a life of crime to support him and his brother after his mother is shot and killed.

His career certainly is growing as he has upcoming roles in 13 with Mickey Rourke, Ray Liotta, Ray Winstone, Jason Statham and Sam Riley; Streets of Blood with Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone and Michael Biehn; Dead Man Running with Tamer Hassan and Danny Dyer, and Spectacular Regret. He's certainly getting the higher profile projects, will his own production company continue the trend? Is he really carving a career for himself in film, or do you think he's still just making his own leading role opportunities and getting backup roles through his musical career name? Is he really a rapper turning actor?



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