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Angelology latest religious friendly adaptation?

TildaSwinton-Angel.jpgAngelology is the first novel from Danielle Trussoni (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which has just had a miraculous reception. After being bought up by Viking for a six-figure sum, Sony have bought the rights to the film for a seven figure deal, wow some people are getting rich out of this, but probably not the audience.

The reason is that the story is steeped in religious references and connections and the write up for the story of the novel purchase seems to dismiss all that with the satisfying conclusion that the film is going to be a spiritual thriller.

Angelology is the story of a twenty three year old nun, it's started already you see, who teams up with an angelologist - yes there really is such a thing, but how disappointing a job to investigate something you can never actually see or touch? - together they try to fight a group Nephilim who are a group that is trying to gather the destructive powers of a race of angel-human hybrids in order to destroy mankind.

Bit of a twist is that the angelologist starts out working with the bad guys but then changes sides when they try to kill him, and that's when he teams up with the nun in order to find some ancient artefacts in order to destroy the Nephilim.

Sounds quite interesting, but then the story from Variety finishes with the following line:

“The book is steeped in mythology and historical Biblical references, but the ingredients are there for a spiritual thriller”

That made me think, are we in for another film that is rich in religious themes that the studios are going to cut apart in order to make it friendly for organised religious groups and their officials? Will the story get reworked in order to make it more like a story where humans defeat demons with the aid of some spiritual intervention, or will it become something a lot more palatable such as Constantine or The End of Days?

I haven't read the story so I can't say exactly how it portrays religion, but by the sounds of the blurb it isn't quite how the leading organised religions would want it to be shown, something that's been evident in a few films we've seen of late, particularly The Golden Compass.



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