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Arnold still hoping for True Lies II

TrueLies.jpgI really don't know whether I should believe this or not, but Tom Arnold is talking about getting True Lies II together again, and with Arnold Schwarzenegger on board. Frankly I think the entire story is fishing – you know when a star says something in the hope that the rumour will get out there, the right people will see it and then they'll all start taking it seriously?

That's what I think Arnold is trying with the True Lies 2 comment but he does say that he and Schwarzenegger are getting together for the film once the big man is out of politics.

I'm sure I've heard Tom Arnold talking about this kind of idea before, and saying that Arnold Schwarzenegger was up for the idea, but I'm not so sure that's the case, especially when we heard some time ago that Arnie's people were out looking for projects for him should he decide to retire. If he had a decent sequel to True Lies sitting in his lap then he would just walk straight back into it, surely?

Interestingly Arnold's comments do say that James Cameron is looking to be in the team up again, but he's warning that it may not be called True Lies II.

“If all goes as planned, the day Arnold leaves office, we will again team with Jim Cameron and do a comedy. Jim says it might not be called True Lies II, but it will be fun.”

The comment comes from Starpulse through WENN and IMDB, so not the best of sources, but it is a direct quote so perhaps we should be taking this seriously.

A True Lies II? Perhaps not, and I think the mention of Cameron saying it might not be called that tells us that there's probably not going to be a direct sequel, after all there's a big part of that film lost now, the idea that the family don't know who he really is. Now it would turn into an entire spy family, and that's something we've seen before many times in various guises.

However let's face some more realities, just how busy is James Cameron? Still, I would like to see True Lies II, I loved that film.



Why a sequel? True Lies was one of Schwarzenegger's worst films. If you can get beyond the misogyny, what you have is a film that starts out promisingly and around the halfway mark veers wildly into a stupid direction. I still remember staring at the screen in disbelief when it slowly dawned on me that the Tom Arnold storyline was the movie. Awful.

What? Jeff W. True Lies is one of Schwarzenegger's best! He has never done wrong whilst working with James Cameron.

I'm with Billy, this is one of his better films, come on there are plenty to mark lower than this, plenty!


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