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Blanchett planning "Cancer Vixen"

CateBlanchett.jpgI'm quite a fan of Cate Blanchett, she's definitely one of the best actresses around these days. For one her future projects, she's decided to adapt the book Cancer Vixen: A True Story.

The story of one woman battling breast cancer in her own way, Blanchett says she is struggling to find the right director.

Cancer Vixen: A True Story, was written by Marisa Acocella Marchetto. She was a successful cartoonist working in New York, and enjoying the city life, when she developed breast cancer. From what Cate Blanchett says, she handled it in her own way. Tackling it head on, and with humour. The book should make for an inspiring story:

Yes, it’s a comic novel, which I’m hoping will come up. It’s a really unique book. It’s about a cartoonist’s look at her contracting cancer. And the process of getting cancer.

Blanchett told MTV she already has the rights to make the book into a film, but that the hunt for a director is a difficult one.

It’s a tragic-comic look at it. So it needs a really particular, special filmmaker. I hope that happens.

With Blanchett playing the lead role, it should be something special. I don't think I've seen in her anything, where she wasn't great. Sounds like a tough book to turn into a film though, which is probably why getting the right director is taking a while. Could this be another great performance to add to her resume?



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