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Bonnie and Clyde remake Duff?

BonnieandClyde-HilaryDuff.jpgPerhaps only some of the UK readers will get that comment, but Duff means something off, something broken, not right, and the idea of Hilary Duff playing the role that Faye Dunaway once did in The Story of Bonnie and Clyde is just that, Duff.

Hollywood really is eating itself at the moment and churning out the stuff that happens when there's a lot of eating. Yet they just won't stop.

I find it hard to believe that they are looking to remake a classic such as Bonnie and Clyde, but it seems that they are doing that old ploy of looking to the original story and making it from there, so it won't be a remake at all!

According to a Production Weekly story through Cinema Blend production is due to begin in April with Tonya A. Holly directing the film which will star Hilary Duff, Kevin Zegers, Natalie Canerday and Rance Howard.

Apparently the photo above was taken from a photo shoot in Allure magazine, through PopSugar and Cinema Blend, which had her recreate the Faye Dunaway look from the film, who would have guessed she was really going to take up the role?

I'm guessing the Clyde role, made famous by Warren Beatty, may well be taken by Zegers, after all he matches the young teen look they are going for, the teen Bonnie and Clyde, oh dear lord.

Is there really a need to remake this, and can they get away with putting teen culture icons in such classic cinematic roles? There is the argument that if the film is done well and becomes a success then they will become classic roles, but how much of a leap is that?



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