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Boyle directing Aliens 4 and Lady Vengeance?!

DannyBoyle.jpgI can hardly believe that this is true, but word is that Danny Boyle has been approached for the remake of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and was also close to directing Alien 4, in fact he says that he even met the stars for the film.

I know that Boyle is riding high from Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review) and will be for some time, and it could buy him the focus to get onto some other high profile projects, but bear in mind that these two approaches are before the film is even released, so perhaps there's a chance he could actually be directing them.

The news that he was approached about a fourth Aliens film comes from Empire through HorrorMovies.ca who have a quick quote from him when he was asked directly about it, while it's far from saying he's directing the film, it is suggesting that he met with the stars and was considering the task. However, equally the comment about chips could just be him playing around.

“Oh my God, that one. Very close actually. In fact I met Sigourney and Winona, which was a great pleasure. Had chips – French fries I should say – with Winona. But I backed out of it. I was terrified of the special effects.”

What do you think? Is there truth in there? Seems that if it is true it was a while ago and he had no real interest in doing the film anyway.

Then there's the comment about the remake of Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (Filmstalker review) from Empire through MovieWeb, and this sounds much more positive indeed. In an open chat with fans the following question is posed, pretty general, but it's his answer that surprises.

“Kinema asks: What do you think of the Asian Film Industry, mainly South Korea and Hong Kong? A lot of South Korean movies are being made into US Remakes. Would you ever consider remaking a good South Korean movie, maybe Oldboy?

Seriously, I was just asked to do a remake of Lady Vengeance, the one after Oldboy. My favourite is Audition [Special Edition].”

Now he doesn't commit, but I would suspect that if he was a fan of the original and does have a love for Asian cinema as he suggests, then I would think that he might want to stay clear of a remake.

Mind you, saying that, Lady Vengeance isn't considered the strongest in the series, so if they were going to remake any that might be the best one to tackle.

Also, have a think about the plot line, a woman accused of the murder and kidnap of a young boy has just spent thirteen and a half years in prison. Upon her release she begins to enact her plans for revenge which she also hopes will rectify all the wrong done in her life.

I really liked the film although it just didn't have the same power of the rest in the trilogy. Is there a chance that the remake could happen and that Danny Boyle would consider directing? Would you want to even see that?



Is that a joke? Is "Richard Brunton" a made up character who spouts nonsense for a laugh? OK, I'll fall for it: Alien 4 came out twelve years ago - with Winona in it, and Boyle had been asked about it then. I won't even go into the whole "fourth Aliens" film thing.

If this is news, then Brunton either cannot read or this site is slower on the uptake than AiCN.

OK -- Brunton's writing is a work of satire and I wasn't sure it if was a joke or not.

Richard, you didn't know about the whole Boyle and Alien 4 thing?!

I'm having a funny day today.

Haha! You have to laugh. Internet - Attack, attack!

I absolutely had no idea there was an Alien 4, and never knew Danny Boyle was connected with it...what do you think?! Seriously?

Sarcasm is a wonderful thing, except when it's not listened too, and it astounds me that no one is picking up on the Lady Vengeance issue...although perhaps I should have separated the stories so that the Lady Vengeance one got the notice it deserved.

It always bothers me as a fan of cinema that the rubbish, way out there rumours seem to get more notice and commentary than the positive ones. Again my fault here for not splitting them, which I may do now and repost the Vengeance bit - a really interesting story indeed.

I don't think it your fault for not splitting the stories Richard, I just think both me and Fraser were so shocked that you never knew about the whole Alien 4/Danny Boyle thing?

As for Boyle and Lady Vengeance, I think it would be great to see Boyle tackle such a movie. Although I haven't seen the LV in it full duration, I can only dream of such a director's vision to such story.

I would also like to add that Slumdog Millionaire is a bloody good film. Well done Boyle, yet again.

Ah no Billy, that was sarcasm again! I did know about that way back...Okay, I admit, I'm not on form just now. I desperately need sleep!

I actually think Lady Vengeance is a good film to try and remake, and perhaps Boyle could lend something interesting to it. He certainly surprised me with Slumdog Millionaire.


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