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Catch up: Second McQueen biographical film

SteveMcQueen.jpgIt was back in August of 2007 Filmstalker had the story about the first Steve McQueen biographical film in development, then in January of this year everyone start writing about what they thought was the first Steve McQueen biographical film to begin development, no we said, it's the second. So today when news comes out that there's a second biographical film being made I wasn't surprised to read that it was actually the first one that Filmstalker had written about back in 2007.

However now we hear that there's a couple of writers on the case and it's now going to be a case of seeing who can get it there first, quality be damned.

The project first announced in 2007, which Variety are now saying is the second one announced - don't you read your own archives? - comes from a book by Steve McQueen 's first wife, Neile McQueen Toffel, called My Husband, My Friend: A Memoir (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which tells the story of their relationship from 1956 when she was a star in her own right, and throughout their fifteen year relationship. It will simply be called McQueen.

Roderick and Bruce Taylor, a father and son writing team, are the ones writing the adaptation, they wrote The Brave One with Roderick having written the original The Star Chamber. However what makes this the most interesting project is that they have complete access to the McQueen estate which Toffel controls with their son Chad McQueen and granddaughter Molly Flattery.

So with all the estate available, they could do a really strong biographical film of Steve McQueen, and I really hope they just don't concentrate on the material in the book but present a complete story. That's what the other film is attempting to do.

The other film, as we heard about, is based on the book Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which looks through his three marriages, including his much publicised relationship with Ali MacGraw. Now although the first project has access to his estate, this one looks like it has the wider scope.

Just to keep mentioning this too, as I love the idea, one of his wives, Barbara McQueen Brunsvold, said that she'd love Daniel Craig to play Steve McQueen. I'm going to keep punting that idea as I think it's a damn strong match.

Back to the films though, and the first (which people are reporting just now as the second) sounds the stronger film as it has access to the estate, but the second film (reported as the first, you still with me?) definitely has the wider scope. I do hope that they widen the scope of the McQueen film that has access to the estate, for that could end up being the better biographical film should they decide to look at the entire man's life.



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