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Che: Part Two and second Coraline trailer online

Coraline.jpgThere are a couple of new trailers online today, one Che: Part Two, the second of the two films from director Steven Soderbergh about the famous revolutionary figure Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and the second is another trailer for the animated film Coraline, adapted from Neil Gaiman's story by the man himself and Henry Selick, the director of A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Both look interesting, and add a lot to the anticipation of the films, but I feel as trailers go the Coraline trailer is winning over that of Che: Part Two.

Let's start with Che: Part Two which shows us a little of the second story and the subtitles make sense of what the plot actually is, then it just seems to end rather abruptly. I'm really not sure that is the complete trailer, it doesn't quite feel like it, but then what marketing does the film really need? It's alreayd had Che: Part One seen by the audience and that's done the marketing that the second film really needed.

Here, have a look for yourself.

Now, Coraline. I have to admit I'm a little excited about this film, and the more I see of it the more I'm excited for it, and this trailer does a great job of delivering the story and the tone of the rest of the film. It's not a nicey-nicey animated film, but that's as we'd expect from Neil Gaiman, there's some real life harsh lessons in there, and I'm loving it.

What I particularly like are the expressions and emotion in the character of Coraline, and she just might turn out to give a great performance, even though she isn't real!



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