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Clips 'n' Pics: G.I. Joe, Star Trek and Transporter 3

StarTrek_Poster.jpgMarketing departments in studios are going pretty crazy these days, they know that people want early footage, they love it, but what they probably don't quite have the concept of is showing the right footage, or retaining the audience.

What's interesting is that out of the pre-teaser footage for G.I. Joe, Star Trek and Transporter 3, it's Transporter 3 that has captured the idea the best – focus on the strongest part of the film, give the audience something new they haven't seen before, and excite them.

The other two clips for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Star Trek haven't quite gotten that worked out, and in fact the Star Trek clip hasn't got any new footage at all, although it has a few of the cast gasping “cool”, “exciting” and other such verbs to say that this is the best film they've worked on since, well, since the last one.

Okay it does have the writers and director saying a few things about how the film came about, but there's nothing new and no reveals. You can see the footage over at the Esurance Star Trek site through Coming Soon.

The G.I. Joe footage is even worse, it's twelve seconds of extremely short clips that you probably can't even make out. However what you can see spells action and CGI. Here's the footage through Filmonic:

It's hard to make out what's really going on here, but you can say it's definitely going to be action and CGI heavy with some very slick shooting styles. However will it be good? Not enough to see to tell so far.

Then there's the pre-Superbowl teaser footage for Transporter 3 which looks damn good. Rather than give stock footage from the film or concentrate on anything about the film, they're parodying the idea of the character that Jason Statham plays. The advert is going to show the character driving through time, being chased through different key periods, and in this clip we see some moments from the seventies and eighties, and with the comic voice over it looks superb and a hell of a lot of fun.

Out of those three, which works best in marketing from your point of view, the audience? For me it's the Transporter 3 clip.



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