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Closing Credits: Patrick McGoohan

PatrickMcGoohan.jpgPatrick McGoohan, best known for his role in the cult television series The Prisoner, has died aged eighty.

He won a BAFTA for Best Television actor for his role in the one off drama The Greatest Man In The World and two Emmy awards for playing characters in Colombo, some fifteen years apart.

Film wise I remember him most for his roles in the classic The Man in the Iron Mask directed by Mike Newell and starring Richard Chamberlain and a host of big names, Scanners from David Cronenberg, Braveheart fighting Mel Gibson as the King of England, and Ice Station Zebra alongside Rock Hudson. However there are other well known films he's been in such as Mary, Queen of Scots, Silver Streak, Brass Target, Escape from Alcatraz and A Time to Kill.

The story comes through the BBC.

Patrick McGoohan was a screen icon, not just for his acting and screen presence but also his face, mannerisms and his most recognisable voice.

However Patrick McGoohan was without doubt, Number Six in The Prisoner, a series that still holds a cult status to this day and has inspired a modern day remake, a remake that now should do it's utmost to honour the star.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends, he was more than a number.

Actor, Director, Writer and Producer
Patrick McGoohan



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