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Confessions of an Action Star trailer online

ConfessionsofanActionStar.jpgBefore I hit the higher budget and truly awful film trailers I've hit upon today, I'm just going to throw something your way which is a lower budget and actually rather interesting looking trailer for a film called Confessions of an Action Star.

It's obviously a mockumentary, a look at a stuntman whose dreams take over and he begins to think he's much bigger than he really is, and it models itself on the public perception of many an action star, and it actually looks okay.

Remember that Confessions of an Action Star is lower budget when you see some of the scenes, but the polished film sequences look great, and there's a couple of appearances from strong names in there, Angelina Jolie, Kelly Hu, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Sean Young, Eric Roberts, Ernie Hudson, and many more make appearances in the film.

It's actually looking as though it might be a bit of a laugh and there could be some cool cameos and genuinely strong effects moments in there. The combination of dance and action has me a little confused, but you know this might turn out better than two of the trailers I'm going to be posting in a bit.



I've seen Confessions of an Action Star, under its original title Sledge: The Untold Story. (It was released on DVD in Australia years ago, and under the Confessions title [with no other changes] in Japan last year.) If viewers find the action parody hijinks in the trailer amusing they might enjoy the film, but the celebrity cameos are minimal. Angelina Jolie has a sentence or two of dialogue, and Hugo Weaving isn't even seen in full-screen (he's glimpsed on an overhead projection during a fan convention in the film's final scene.) Moss, Roberts, Hudson and Young have more screentime, in embarrassing film parody sequences. Usually if a film goes years without a DVD release (this was shot in 2001-2) and changes titles, there's a reason...


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