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Dakota Fanning on New Moon

DakotaFanning2.jpgEver been around a group of people who are sharing a joke you're not in on? That's what I feel like with Twilight. I just plain don't get it.

Dakota Fanning does though, she has been talking about the rumour that she will be in the sequel, New Moon.

Twilight has gotten certain people into a frenzy, and the sequel is now already being planned. The first person rumoured for the role of Jane in New Moon, was Vanessa Hudgens. With that one not coming true, Dakota Fanning was recently named in connection with the role. She talked to Jo Blo about her potential new role:

It's definitely a possibility and I think it'd be really, really cool if that worked out to be the case. I'm a really huge fan of all that is Twilight so... And then she flashed her trademark Dakota pearly whites and that's all she could say on the matter.

So it's a definite possibility, and she seems to be in on the whole Twilight thing. She's one up on me atleast. Is she right for the role of Jane? Because I honestly wouldn't have a clue...



Yep, Dakota would fit the role of Jane and though its a small role, its a good role. I'm hoping she takes the part and unless money ends up as the issue I don't see why she won't sign.

Don't feel bad about not getting the Twilight craze you're not the target demograhpic and the story hasn't inspired an overwhelming number of male fans.
My daughter and are fans of Twilight. I bought the books to check them out and then handed them over. They are a fun bit of teen romance, sort of a modern day fairytale.

They should be careful casting Dakota Fanning for New Moon, she might steal the show


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