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Dead Snow (Død snø) red band trailer and clips

DeadSnow.jpgDød snø (Dead Snow), we've seen the trailer and heard the hype, Nazi zombies in snowy wilderness, sounds great, however there are a number of clips in the trailer that I recognise from a lot of other horror films, and a few that are the usual stock scares. That said there's some good stuff too, Nazi running zombies aside, and you can see it here with the new red band trailer and seven clips from the film.

Not only are there seven clips, but the last fight scene clip is a good two minutes long and includes a fair few zombies for you to marvel at...zombies in Nazi uniforms.

You know I sometimes wonder what real Nazi's would make of our fascination with turning them into undead monsters, it seems a rather strange practice, and yet the fear of something so terrible rising up again is a recurring theme throughout literature and film.

Okay, serious moment aside, let's get to the trailer for Død snø, or Dead Snow as it's also known as, and the extra clips which tell the story of a group of group of teenagers who head out for a ski holiday in a remote part of nowhere. In their cabin they find a box containing old gold worth a fortune, however as they take it the real owners come after them to reclaim it. Unfortunately the real owners were Nazi's who died in the frozen wilderness back in World War II, except they aren't quite dead yet.

Here's the trailer with the clips from Collider.

Red Band trailer

Clip 1: In the bathroom

Clip 2: Walking in the snow

Clip 3: Remember what I said

Clip 4: Block the doors

Clip 5: In the cave

Clip 6: Encounter in the snow

Clip 7 - Fight in the snow (2 minutes)



Ha ha man that looks like one kick arse movie. Unfortunately I dont think it would get a cinema release over here, except maybe in a film festival. So hopefully itll be available on DVD here at some point.


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