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Death at a Funeral remake gets worse

DeathataFuneral.jpgNeil LaBute. Okay Lakeview Terrace was miles better than the remake of The Wicker Man, mind you so was Elf Bowling, but the fact remains that LaBute isn't the best of directors. However he's been hired to helm the American remake of Death at a Funeral.

The original film was only made in 2007 and was directed by none other than Frank Oz, so it's no mean feat for him to step in there. Oh, and there wasn't a puppet in sight.

The 2007 Death at a Funeral was about a funeral ceremony that begins to fall apart at the edges when everything possible seems to go wrong and the worst nightmare of family and relatives turn up.

According to the news back in November of last year, Chris Rock and Aeysha Carr are writing the remake Death at a Funeral, which looks like it's heading for an all African-American remake being transplanted into an urban American setting, something which should make for a complete contrast of comedy against the original film.

Now take note film-makers, that really is taking a film and remaking it as your own, that's putting some effort into it. However, as much change as they can employ, I'm not so sure Neil LaBute is the best choice for the film, especially one featuring black American comedy throughout.

Still to his defense, he made Nurse Betty with Chris Rock. Oh dear lord.



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