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Downloading Nancy trailer online

MariaBello.jpgI wasn't sure when I first heard about the plot for Downloading Nancy, nor the casting either, but now seeing the finalised cast list in the trailer I'm hooked and I want to see more, in fact it's already on my list of films to see this year.

The film is about a woman who is desperately unhappy in her marriage and with life but just doesn't have the guts, or cowardice, to do it herself. Instead she meets a stranger on the Internet who offers to do it for her. However when they meet a bond draws them closer, and a non too healthy bond at that.

When I first read the blurb for Downloading Nancy it basically said she falls in love with her killer and...blah...blah. I switched off a little there for it sounded as stock as anything. However the trailer does a great job of dispelling that, and the blurbs you're reading just don't do this justice at all.

You see their relationship is dark, dangerous, and painful, moving into the realms of S&M and onwards, and it looks terribly, terribly dark and foreboding.

Already it sounds interesting, and the final cast list is superb. Maria Bello plays the woman who wants out of life, Jason Patric plays the man she meets on the internet, already a great pairing I'd say, and then to top it all Rufus Sewell plays her husband with Amy Brenneman backing them up.

Sounds good doesn't it? Well watch the trailer and you'll get something more. It has shades of The Vanishing / Spoorloos and Crash to it, much as I hate comparisons of films with other films, that's what I immediately got from it, but much more. Don't take from that comparison that the film isn't it's own story, because it definitely does look like something we haven't seen before, and perhaps a chance for Maria Bello to shine.

Here's the trailer which The Playlist got me on the search for, rather than trying the lower quality YouTube version:

Wow. Bello looks beautiful even without make-up and in some of the more emotionally and physically torrid moments of the trailer.

I'm glad that cast list turned out the way it did, before Jason Patric came along Ray Liotta was set to play the role, and then Danny Huston was rumoured, before that Holly Hunter and William Hurt were being banded around as possibles for the couple.



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