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Drew Barrymore on Charlie's Angels 3

CharliesAngels.jpgDrew Barrymore has talked about the possibility of another film in the Charlie's Angels series. And guess what, she's still super excited about it.

We've heard this from her before, but it sounds like things might actually be happening this time.

Drew Barrymore has long been interested in another Charlie's Angels film. And even Lucy Liu, who had previously not been keen, has changed her tune. Now while promoting He's Just Not That Into You, she sounded well up for a third film. She talked to E! Online, through Coming Soon.

I'm so into it. I’m so into it—Charlie's Angels III!. They're hard movies to make, but they're fun.

Her producing partner at Flower Films, Nancy Juvonen, also sounded optimistic about a new film. Either that or she was cooking something at the time.

It's percolating up. It's rising to the surface

Ideas being considered for the third one, are a fourth angel. And after Demi Moore played the villain in the last, they are likely to return to a male villain for the next. I really liked the first two, they were fun and entertaining. And the three actors work well together.

Are you interested in Charlie's Angels 3? Any ideas on who could be the fourth angel?



They're all keen for it to go ahead and have said so, I guess it'll be for the studio and those behind the camera to get their act in gear now.

I'd be up for it, and not just for the ladies!

I'd be well up for a third Charlies Angels. The first film was a lot better than the second but both were a lot of fun.


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