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Emily Blunt in Iron Man 2?

EmilyBlunt1.jpgMickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell were the last two names mentioned as potential cast members of Iron Man 2.

Now Emily Blunt could be joining them, and she might be playing Black Widow.

This month has seen Mickey Rourke in talks to play a Russian villain named Ivan. And Sam Rockwell possibly playing a business rival of Tony Stark. Not only that, but we heard the news that Samuel L Jackson may not be playing Nick Fury. In Iron Man 2 or The Avengers.

Another member of the cast may be close to being added though. Emily Blunt is said to be in talks to play Black Widow. I'm not particularly familiar with the character. But from what I can gather she is a K.G.B agent, exposed to a version of the super soldier serum. Oh and she has a liking for skin tight leather. Funny how most female superheroes do!

Do you reckon Black Widow is a good choice for Iron Man 2? Or are there other people Tony Stark should be coming up against?



Dunno who Emily Hunt is that you mentioned on line 3 but emily blunt should be a good addition to the cast

What a doughnut. Thanks.


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