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Ender's Game too clever for cinema?

OrsonScottCard.jpgIt seems that the film version of Ender's Game (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) isn't going to happen, and that's according to Orson Scott Card himself, apparently it was just too clever for cinema, or rather it was just too clever for the studios to invest in it.

Card has revealed that Wolfgang Petersen is no longer attached to the film and that the film was scrapped in November, as Card just didn't feel comfortable with it.

It seems that Orson Scott Card just wasn't willing to bow down to the demands of Hollywood who appear to have wanted to turn Ender's Game into a CGI-fest and action hero type film. According to the article in the Los Angeles Times through Coming Soon Card's stories have been in some form of development for around twenty years amounting to nothing more than failed meetings, poor scripts and failed director searches.

Ender's Game was the closest story to getting developed into a film, and with Wolfgang Petersen actually being attached to direct. However it was scrapped in November because Card just didn't feel comfortable with the direction that the film was taking.

According to the man himself he imagined a film where...

"...the human relationships are absolutely essential -- an honest presentation of the story."

This just wasn't what was happening with the film that was getting produced underneath Petersen and the studio who seemed to be more interested in creating a standard action hero film.

Ender's Game is a complex story and novel, and it seems just too complex for the studio to take on, and Card wasn't prepared for his story to be compromised even one bit. Well done him, but it could be a sad blow for those wanting to see Card novels on screen, there's a good chance it'll just never happen.



I can see where he is coming from.

Just read about the book. Sounds very interesting. I say get James Cameron involved.

What a cluster... I'm bummed that this won't hit the screen. been waiting for years since 03 or 4. this blows

You can see though Alex, it would be so easy to do it wrong and make it on the cheap. Hollywood could destroy it.


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