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Eric Bana's Love the Beast trailer and clips

LovetheBeast.jpgThinking about the idea for Eric Bana's next film you could be forgiven for walking away, but I urge you not to, especially if you have a passion for cars but even if you don't, give the trailer a chance. I watched the trailer and I was hooked. It's not only the trailer that caught me but Bana himself talking so passionately about his car.

What I'm surprised about as well is that this is a documentary that I'm not grabbed by the star appearances, in fact I wanted them out of the way to find out more about Bana and his Beast.

Eric Bana's new film is called Love the Beast and tells the story about his love all cars, in particular his and his friends passion for muscle cars and most importantly, his twenty-five year love affair with his Ford GT Falcon Coupe.

It's not just about that though, Bana and his friends decide to enter his car in one of the the toughest races there is, the Targa Tasmania Rally. However tragedy strikes on the fourth day of the race as he crashes the car, and then the drama enters the documentary.

Sounds great, I love cars, I love them fast and growling, I love muscle cars, and Eric Bana has just opened up a whole different world of appreciation for me as a fan. I have to see this film whatever happens.

Watch the trailer and clips to see why I'm so excited about it.


What's the movie about?

The old feeling

The next stage

Dad's deal


In the car

The guys

The first years

When we got the car



Looks like a good documentary. Bit surprised by Dr Phil showing up though!


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